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Top 5 Things To Do In Coffman Cove, Alaska

Wanna find stuff to do in Coffman Cove? Here's a great plan for the day. You haven't been to the zoo in ages right? So time to get back, with all the walking from exhibit to exhibit it's a healthy way to get some exercise. Check out or try . Coffman Cove has numerous culturally significant historical settings for history enthusiasts to explore. First Lutheran Church, Gilmore Building, as well as Storehouse No. 4, are easily within reach.

Up the ante with a little excitement. A wide spanning number of things to with the kids are found in and around Coffman Cove. Find theme parks or are seeking something more extreme, the potential experiences are boundless. It's on you now, get going and have a blast! is reccomended, there's also or while you're in town. Bowling is a great way to be active while drinking and eating fried foods. Get out and tear up the lanes while enjoying some brews at . Or maybe burn up the lanes at .

After all this take a moment to re-energize With constantly evolving new flavors going for ice cream is always a blast. Feel like something sweet? There's thousands of ways for you to find your ice cream zen in town. Get to , or try for awesome cherry or maybe some A-list sorbets. Now it's time to relax a little. Like to bend an elbow while enjoying some Corona's, or maybe just get slightly plastered while visiting Coffman Cove. Discover something fancy perhaps a Limelight, or maybe a Naughty But Nice. While in Coffman Cove check in on the folks at Alaska Bar & Liquor Store, Mecca Bar Restaurant & Liquor Store, or Jeremiah's. Don't like this itinerary, no worries just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Coffman Cove, Alaska Citywide amusement rides

A dizzying number of things to with the kids are close to Coffman Cove, Alaska. If you want karting or are looking for local amusements the potential experiences are far reaching. You know what to do now so go and visit the area amusements, and attractions. When you're in Coffman Cove we recommend or take the fam to for some good times.


Coffman Cove, Alaska art galleries

Locate crafts and a variety of contemporary art closeby Coffman Cove. Whether you are looking for acrylic on canvas or would like to find a place that you can try out your beret. Check out the scenery at the area's galleries, you'll find a mixture of great artsy places in Coffman Cove. Try Colleen And Company or look into artsy stuff at Trinkets Jewelry & Art.


Coffman Cove, Alaska bar martini beer wine

Like to bend an elbow while indulging in some adult beverages or forget about caution and get somewhat tanked in and around Coffman Cove. Down something somewhat interesting maybe a DOM Cocktail, Black Cat or possibly a Bumble Brut. While in Coffman Cove stop by Alaska Bar & Liquor Store, Mecca Bar Restaurant & Liquor Store or Jeremiah's. For more varied options visit the Coffman Cove, Alaska bar directory. Find out what others think about your best bars in our directory.


Coffman Cove, Alaska play bowling strike

Get out and kill some pins while enjoying some cocktails at . Bowling is a hoot and we've run down all the best places in Coffman Cove, just a mouse click away. Drop by . Or to find other bowling options in the area click the Coffman Cove, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real perfect game tell others, add it to our directory.


Coffman Cove, Alaska ice cream locate frozen yogurt listing

Get out and get some gourmet ice cream. Like to find something cool and tasty? We have a zillion ways to get your ice cream fix in Coffman Cove. Locate the ultimate Bananas Foster (Banana Flavored Ice Cream with Caramel Swirl) or perhaps some rich chocolate we've got it handled. When you visit Coffman Cove go to or cruise to . Have your own favorite place with delightful sorbets or killer frozen treats? Tell us about it or add it to our directory.


Coffman Cove, Alaska coffee bar locate

Don't get your coffee at the gas station. It's not cool, and coffee is sorta cool these days. The proliferation of flavor choices are best enjoyed when prepared by real professionals. Hooking up with the right barista ensures a quality experience. Coffman Cove has a ton of great places to get caffeinated. Get out and experience some intersting flavors like Swiss Chocolate Flavored Coffee or Rocky Road Flavored Coffee. Stop at when you're in Coffman Cove. Know of a place with a perfect Flat white? Add it to our directory.


Coffman Cove, Alaska diner dive food

Restaurant choices abound in Coffman Cove from Italian to fine cuisine there are many options to fulfill your tastebuds. Peruse the Coffman Cove, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to get your grub on. While you're visiting we recommend you stop by Mecca Bar & Liquor Store or sample some of the other local eateries like Hoochie's Seafood & Chowder Bar or Diaz Cafe.

Mecca Bar & Liquor Store
(907) 247-2340
11119 N Tongass Hwy
Ward Cove, AK 99928

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Diaz Cafe
(907) 225-2257
335 Main St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Jim's Cafe
(907) 225-3920
227 Main St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Annabelle's Famous Keg & Chowderhouse
(907) 225-6009
326 Front St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Coffman Cove, Alaska fairground locate

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you're looking for something to do for the family the fairgrounds always have events scheduled that appeal to everyone. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually tons of family oriented things to do. From rides and attractions to gun shows and auto shows the local fairgrounds near Coffman Cove are a great place to find stuff do do. Now stop looking at this website and find out about the scheduled events at .


Coffman Cove, Alaska fast food directory

Need to feed? You're totally covered from Mc Muffins to late night gluttony satisfy your cravings for something fried in Coffman Cove. Hungry yet how about a good old KFC Chicken and Biscuit Bowl or maybe a tasty Jack In The Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake? Locate all the fast food choices around Coffman Cove here in our directory. We recommend you check out or drop into . Buen provecho!


Coffman Cove, Alaska golf course find

Why is golf more enjoyable than baseball or football? Well for starters golfers are compensated in direct proportion to how well they play. Now that's settled so get out your wedges put your clubs in the car and check out the enjoyable municipal courses and driving ranges in Coffman Cove. has some perplexing links and beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at , check out the newest gear from Taylormade or maybe pick up the new Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Midsize Mallet Putters when your done bounce to the 19th hole Know of a course that's a complete birdie? Write a review!


Coffman Cove, Alaska Citywide historic places

While your in Coffman Cove try to find time for First Lutheran Church, Gilmore Building, or Storehouse No. 4. Coffman Cove has a fantastic selection of historical settings for families to enjoy. Look into the Coffman Cove, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places a short drive from Coffman Cove. Or browse the Alaska historical places listings for ideas and detailed information on all of the historical attractions in Alaska.


Coffman Cove, Alaska Citywide library read

Why should I go to the library? Free programs and activities: From author visits to puppet shows to family films, libraries offer programs with kid appeal after school, on the weekends, and during the summer. Ask your librarian for the schedule of upcoming events. the classics like The Hound of the Baskervilles to good and relatively new novels such as The City's Son by Tom Pollock. It's all at the library for free! Whether you want Jane Austen or Robert Coover, the Coffman Cove, Alaska library directory has lots of great libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a great selection of genres like Spirituality, Children's, Science, and History. impressing your mother in law with your huge brain while expounding on the works of Denise Levertov at parties.


Coffman Cove, Alaska museum fine art

Coffman Cove offers a surprisingly interesting selection of museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Check out or plan a trip to . Going to the museum is a totally non creepy first date. Need another reason? Museums inspire Still need more? How about amazing impressionist paintings? Still not sure if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Though you may love it your Alfred E. Newman poster is not art so go and see the real stuff at .


Coffman Cove, Alaska night life find

Another night with your X Box and the bros is gonna be a sausage fest so let's get jiggy wid it at the raging night spots in world famous Coffman Cove. The crowd will stare in admiration as you smoothly ask for your fourth Green Mist and impress the crowd with your crazy Dougie moves at Steamers. If you're still up for it get a cab and head to Airport Lounge & Snack Bar or wrap it up at Mecca Bar Restaurant & Liquor Store Be sure to tip the bartender and stop for some Rolaids before you hit up for some late night gluttony. Know a club that's off the chain? Tell the party people and add it to theThe Coffman Cove, Alaska nightlife directory.

Mecca Bar Restaurant & Liquor Store
11119 N Tongass Hwy
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Airport Lounge & Snack Bar
PO Box 8256
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Totem Bar
314 Front St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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76 Front St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Coffman Cove, Alaska park listing

Coffman Cove has a wide variety of local state parks and great recreational areas for families. Get your walking shoes on and head over to Misty Fjords National Monument or maybe stop by and check out a copy of The City's Son by Tom Pollock, or some more casual stuff and enjoy a great book under the trees at Refuge Cove State Recreation Site. When you are in Coffman Cove locals advise taking in the delightful at Totem Bight State Historical Park.


Coffman Cove, Alaska shopping mall online

It's Tuesday and you need some "YOU" time you don't need a reason, we get it. Shopping is the bomb. Whether you're looking for huge designers like Alexander Wang or want to tell your girlfriends about the exclusive designer Wang Yutao stuff you got shopping this weekend. Coffman Cove has diverse choices to get your shop on look into The Coffman Cove, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Bottega Veneta, Pria Kataaria Puri, and Aqua Di Lara. When you're in Coffman Cove visit , or get to for a more low key shopping fix.


Coffman Cove, Alaska spa salon directory

Its way better to be a woman it's just easier I mean you can rationalize spending a weeks pay on a purse, you're allowed to carry a bag with all the stuff you may need for an outing, and it's OK to watch dancing with the stars every week. But all this comes at a price, you need to come correct whether you're needing an anti-oxidant and pollution-fighting facial, a serene stress massage, contemporary hair designs, or you wanna just chill and get your pedicure on. Looking good means feeling good, and you gotta stay on your game. It's no problem. We've got your personal appearance hook up to stay beautiful in Coffman Cove. Peruse all your options in the Coffman Cove, Alaska Spas and Salons Listings.


Coffman Cove, Alaska Citywide theater arts audience

Coffman Cove has a veritable cornucopia of community theatre offerings within minutes of the city center. Taking in the theatre is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like Antigone by Sophocles: As the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, Antigone is no stranger to the gods' toying in mortal affairs, and her battle against King Creon serves as a tragic climax. Or find local interpretations of entertaining musicals such as Guys and Dolls. Check out the Coffman Cove, Alaska theatre and performing arts directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.


Coffman Cove, Alaska thai food locate

Tired of Top Ramen? No probs, Coffman Cove has an abundance of gnarly places to get your tastebuds out to some far away places. is a total choice mow or head to for all the details or to find the greatest pizza while your visiting Coffman Cove check out the Coffman Cove, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got shreddin Won Tons or tubular burritos support them and add them to our directory.


Coffman Cove, Alaska zoo camel locate

Plan a day at the zoo and everyone is assured an enjoyable day, and with all the steps you'll get walking around it's a fun time and you'll get some exercise too. Between running around searching for the Red Panda exhibit and the Leopard attractions find a moment for a family photo op with the zoo's freaky and interesting inhabitants. While you're looking for some fun on the wild side in Coffman Cove take in the schedule , or for more zoos and gardens check out the Coffman Cove, Alaska zoo directory.

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About Coffman Cove

Coffman Cove is a city in Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, Alaska, in the United States. It is located on Prince of Wales Island. The population was 199 at the 2000 census.
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Coffman Cove, Alaska Geography

Coffman Cove is located at (56.012137, -132.828840).According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 14.9 square miles (38.5 km²), of which, 10.4 square miles (26.9 km²) of it is land and 4.5 square miles (11.6 km²) of it (30.03%) is water.

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