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Fort Yukon was first established as Fort Youcon by Alexander Hunter Murray as a Hudson's Bay Company trading post in 1847. Murray drew numerous sketches of fur trade posts and of people and wrote the "Journal of the Yukon, 1847–48", which give valuable insight into the culture of local Gwich’in people at the time. While the post was actually in Russian America, the Hudson's Bay Company continued to trade there until expelled by the American traders in 1869, following the Alaska Purchase when the post was taken over by the Alaska Commercial Company. A post office was established on July 12, 1898 with John Hawksly as its first postmaster, but the settlement suffered over the following decades as a result of several epidemics and a 1949 flood.During the 1950s, the United States Air Force established a base and radar station at Fort Yukon; the town was officially incorporated in 1959. It has recently, in part due to its location north of the Arctic Circle and its proximity to Fairbanks, become a minor tourist destination.On February 7, 1984 a sounding rocket of Terrier Malemute with a maximum altitude of 500 km was launched. - enjoy
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