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Not sure what to do in Soso? Here's some ideas about how to experience the area. Soso has a multitude of great libraries and reading rooms. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a multitude of genres including Biography, Mystery, and Suspense. Make some time to improve your vocabulary at University of Southern Mississippi Josep. Spend some time at the library and you'll soon be showing off your massive intellect and citing the works of Maya Angelou at parties. Bluntly your beloved dogs playing poker tapestry is not art. So why not go a little upscale and see what's up at Dizzy Dean Museum. Going to museums makes you smarter, so maybe you should plan a trip to Rankin County Museum, or Museum of Natural Science.

Take it up a notch with something a little more exciting. A number of great amusements can be found in Soso. Locate Mini Putt or want to plan a day with the kids, the potential experiences are extensive. Get going and make it a great day. Causeyville Raceway is reccomended, also there's Why Not Motorsports Park or Mountain Falls Miniature Golf while you're in town. Soso has an interesting selection of local city parks and recreational offerings for families with kids. Get yourself off the couch and head over to Watkins Stadium or maybe stop by Laurel-Jones County Library and borrow a copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth, or another good read and enjoy the solitude and tranquil setting at Seventh Avenue Park. When you are in Soso those in the know advise experiencing scenic paths at Mason Memorial Park.

Need some energy after all this. Late night, low blood sugar? Go for late night gluttony and satisfy your cravings for something fried at Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, or cruise to Kentucky Fried Chicken - Office for immediate gratification. Buen provecho! OK let's decompress a little now. After a long and rewarding day you can chill and have numerous ale's, or meet some new people and get ultra painted during your trip to Soso. Discover something exciting like a Mint Cooler, or possibly a Peach Fizz. While in Soso be sure to check out Mariachis, Eye's Place, or Tal's Music Emporium. Wanna try a different itinerary, it's all good just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Soso, Mississippi Citywide amusement rides

A number of things for the kid in us are withing reasonable distance of Soso, Mississippi. If you like karting or just want to get some vitamin D the opportunities are huge. It's on you now, get going and get everyone together and have some fun. When you're in Soso we recommend Causeyville Raceway or roll over to Why Not Motorsports Park for some insane fun.


Soso, Mississippi art gallery shopping

Look for galleries and a grip of artistic implements surrounding Soso. Whether you are looking for Pop Art or just looking for inspiration while taking in the offerings at some area galleries, you'll find a variety of great artsy places in Soso. Try Frames Unlimited or check out what's artsy at Jay's Framing & Art Gallery.

Frames & Such
(601) 649-0111
421 Short 7th Avenue
Laurel, MS 39440

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Frames Unlimited
(601) 649-5414
3172 Audubon Drive
Laurel, MS 39440

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Jay's Framing & Art Gallery
(601) 425-0088
503 Central Avenue
Laurel, MS 39440

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(601) 425-3749
405 Short 7th Avenue
Laurel, MS 39440

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Soso, Mississippi Citywide bar table service

Like to bend an elbow and have a sufficient number of vodka's or take a cab and get undeniably tanked while you're in Soso. Sip something worldly maybe an Angels Hip Shot, Zombie or maybe a Desert Haze. While in Soso visit Mariachis, Eye's Place or Tal's Music Emporium. For more varied options check out the Soso, Mississippi bar directory. Write about your fav's in the citywide bar directory.

(601) 649-5059
2205 Highway 15 N
Laurel, MS 39440

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Eye's Place
(601) 425-3500
336 S Magnolia St
Laurel, MS 39440

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(601) 425-1855
535 Central Ave
Laurel, MS 39440

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Soso, Mississippi bowling pins game

Call your friends and kill some pins while enjoying the fun at Airport Bowling Lanes. Bowling is a great way to burn calories and we've run down all the best places in Soso, right here. Visit Hub Bowling Lanes. Or to locate other bowling alleys nearby visit the Soso, Mississippi bowling directory. Been to a place that is a real 300 game support our community and add it to our directory.

Airport Bowling Lanes
(601) 649-3700
124 Warehouse Dr
Laurel, MS 39440

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Hub Bowling Lanes
(601) 268-2101
7022 U S Highway 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

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Southern Bowling Lanes Inc
(601) 582-2703
908 S Main St
Petal, MS 39465

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Dixie Bowl
(601) 483-2283
3510 N Hills St
Meridian, MS 39305

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi frozen yogurt location ice cream find

Ice cream is not just for dessert anymore. Craving something sweet? We have a million ways for you to get your brain freeze on in Soso. Looking for the tastiest Crazy Charlie Sundae Swirl (Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate swirl) or maybe in the mood for some flavorful vanilla we've got it handled. While you're hanging out in Soso drop in at Iceman or chill (literally) at Holloway's Dairy Bar. Have your own favorite place with delightful banana splits or the awesomest chilly diversions? Tell the world about it here and include it in the listings.

Bee Happy Natural Foods
4125 Highway 15 North
Laurel, MS 39440

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Holloway's Dairy Bar
5047 Highway 84 West
Laurel, MS 39443

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24 James Parish Road
Laurel, MS 39443

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Lynx Services
700 South Front Street
Sandersville, MS 39477

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi coffee bar online

Where you get your coffee tells people a lot about you and your lifestyle. The proliferation of flavor choices are best enjoyed when prepared by real professionals. Finding the right place with the right vibe and the right grinds makes it so much better. Soso has some great choices to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Try some new specialty flavors like Graham Cracker Suite Flavored Coffee or Vanilla Hazelnut Flavored Coffee. Stop at Hot Coffee Volunteer Fire Dept when you're in Soso. Know of a place that serves the best Red Eye? Write a review of your favorite place.


Soso, Mississippi find diner dive

Restaurant choices abound in Soso from Chinese to five star dining there are diverse opportunities to satiate your tastebuds. Explore the Soso, Mississippi restaurant listings and find some great places to take in some calories. While you're visiting we recommend you stop by B J's Barbeque or try out some of the other local establishments like Country Cafe or Sea Dee Que Catering.

Sea Dee Que Catering
(601) 729-5844
1117 Highway 28 W
Soso, MS 39480

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B J's Barbeque
(601) 785-0220
825 Highway 28 E
Taylorsville, MS 39168

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Country Cafe
(601) 785-9047
715 Mayfield St
Taylorsville, MS 39168

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Country Foods & Cafe
(601) 729-4491
19891 Highway 28
Taylorsville, MS 39168

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Soso, Mississippi fairground games

Who doesn't like going to the fair? If you want to plan something while you're in town the fairgrounds always have great fun stuff for all. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of pleasant things to do. From livestock auctions to agricultural events and monster trucks the local fairgrounds near Soso are cool for finding stuff to do on the weekend. Now stop looking at this website and find out about the scheduled events at Hancock County Fairgrounds.


Soso, Mississippi fast food meal

Late night, low blood sugar? You're covered bro from breakfast to after hours grindage satisfy your cravings for something with too many calories in Soso. Feeling like you need to eat now how about a good old Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger or perhaps a tasty Sonic Strawberry Cream Pie Shake? Find the best local fast food options nearby Soso here in the Citywide Information fast food listings. Make sure to get to Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers or drop into Kentucky Fried Chicken - Office. Bon appetit!


Soso, Mississippi Citywide golf swing

Why is golf more pleasureable than baseball or football? Perhaps because in golf, you can't fail 70 percent of the time and make $9 million per season. Now that's settled so clean off your irons get your clubs in the car and check out the amazing municipal courses and driving ranges close by Soso. Dixie Golf Club has some perplexing water hazards and beautiful grounds. Or visit the pro shop at Laurel Country Club, check out the cool gear from Ping or shave some strokes off your game with the new TaylorMade Rossa Monza Ghost Putters when your done don't forget to stop by the 19th hole Know of a course that's a double eagle? Add it to our directory.

Dixie Golf Club
(601) 649-3384
750 Hillcrest Dr
Laurel, MS 39440

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Bear Creek Golf Club
(601) 425-5670
Hwy 84 W Bear Ten Creek Rd
Laurel, MS 39440

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Bay Springs Country Club
(601) 764-2621
Hwy 18 E
Bay Springs, MS 39422

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Laurel Country Club
(601) 649-7132
Hwy 84 W
Laurel, MS 39441

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi Citywide historical places buildings

When visiting Soso don Deason, Amos, House, Odd Fellows Opera Block, or stop by Ellis, James, Stone Tavern. Soso has numerous historical places and building for all to enjoy. Look into the Soso, Mississippi historical places directory to find more great historical places right near Soso. Or browse the Mississippi historical places listings for ideas and detailed information on all of the historical stuff to visit while you're in Mississippi.


Soso, Mississippi public library locate

Why should I go to the library? Silence is golden: Working at cafés can be great, but if you want some peace and quiet, the library is the best place to be. It has a good atmosphere for work and research with a ton of information at your fingertips. revisiting the classics like Waverley to splendid new novels such as Demons Like It Hot by Sidney Ayers. It's all at the library for free! Whether your looking for Harriet Beecher Stowe or Tom Wolfe, the Soso, Mississippi library directory has a multitude of great places to read. Whatever your interests are you'll discover a vast selection of genres including Young, Mystery, Manga, and Fiction. impressing your mother in law with your huge brain while discussing poets like Derek Walcott at the office water cooler.


Soso, Mississippi Citywide museum visit

Soso offers many interesting museums and galleries to families and children interested in the arts. Stroll through the offerings at Dizzy Dean Museum or plan a trip to Rankin County Museum. Going to the museum is a totally non creepy first date. Need another reason? There is a museum close to you. Need yet another reason to go? How about though provoking sculptures? Still don't know why you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Cool as it may be your March 1991 Playmate of the month centerfold is not art so go find out what art really is at at Museum of Natural Science.


Soso, Mississippi night life locate

Another night with your X Box and the bros is gonna be a sausage fest so maybe let's get freaky on the dance floor at some great nightspots surrounding Soso. The crowd will stare in encouragement as you ask for your first Vodka Stinger and demonstrate your mad Waving skills at Mariachis. When you bale check out Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant & Oys or make the scene at The Low Rider Outlet Make sure to delete all incriminating cell phone pictures and stop for some Rolaids before you hit up Kentucky Fried Chicken - Office for some late night gluttony. Know a club that's just crazy fun? Be cool and add it to theThe Soso, Mississippi nightlife directory.

The Low Rider Outlet
461 Rose Ln Ste 13
Laurel, MS 39443

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2205 Highway 15 N
Laurel, MS 39440

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Eye's Place
336 S Magnolia St
Laurel, MS 39440

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6428 U S Highway 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi park playground directory

Soso has diverse local city parks and great recreational areas for those who love the outdoors. Dig your frisbee out of that old box in the attic and bounce to Watkins Stadium or maybe stop by Laurel-Jones County Library and borrow a copy of Broken by A.E. Rought, or another good book and enjoy a great book in the lush surroundings at Seventh Avenue Park. When you are in Soso reviewers suggest experiencing natural beauty and grounds at Mason Memorial Park.


Soso, Mississippi shopping mall online

It's Friday and you need some "YOU" time you don't need a reason, it's all good girl. Shopping is the bomb. Whether you're looking for huge designers like Max Jenny or want to brag to your friends about the cool designer Duckie Brown stuff you got shopping this weekend. Soso has lots of options to satisfy your shopping needs look into The Soso, Mississippi shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Elie Tahari, Iis Of Norway, Tsh And Undorn, and Lanvin Paris. When you're in Soso check out Citi Trends, or roll to J C Penneys or get your retail therapy.

J C Penneys
(601) 649-9580
910 Sawmill Rd
Laurel, MS 39440

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Wal-Mart Supercenter
(601) 649-6191
1621 Highway 15 N
Laurel, MS 39440

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(601) 649-9462
2139 Highway 15 N
Laurel, MS 39440

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Citi Trends
(601) 649-3016
1920 Highway 15 N
Laurel, MS 39440

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi spa salon online

Why is a better to be a girl than a guy, well it's totally easier I mean you can rationalize spending a weeks pay on a purse, your friends don't treat sex as a sport that you must participate in as often as possible, and you can leave your boyfriend for any reason, and everyone will take your side. Oh it's great to be a girl but, you gotta look good it's scandalous out there whether you gotta get a relaxing facial, soothing spa treatments, a new flirty blunt cut, or you want to take a catnap while your getting your nails done. If you don't want your man to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. It's all good. We've got all the stylists, salons, and skin care hook up's you need to be fabulous in Soso. Check all the details in the Soso, Mississippi Personal Care Directory.

Salon 51
(985) 748-5130
63017 Commercial St
Roseland, LA 70456

Read Reviews, Map it!

Health Endeavours
(985) 641-5359
292 Moonraker Dr
Slidell, LA 70458

Read Reviews, Map it!

Beauti Control Cosmetics Incorporated
(985) 643-8786
1111 Marina Dr
Slidell, LA 70458

Read Reviews, Map it!

Golden Touch Hair Care Center
(504) 241-1310
13904 Hayne Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70128

Read Reviews, Map it!

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Soso, Mississippi
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Soso, Mississippi Citywide theater arts audience

Soso has a huge selection of great local theatre offerings nearby. Taking in the theatre is a great way to be classy on that first date and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Find local productions of the classics like Oedipus the King by Sophocles: Most scholars today consider Oedipus the King the absolute greatest Greek play, and its influence continues on into today's pop culture. Cursed by the gods, the eponymous hero tries to flee an all-too-familiar prophecy. Or find local productions of feel good musicals like Top Hat. Check out the Soso, Mississippi theatre and arts directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out Hattiesburg Saenger Theatre or Alamo Theatre when you're in town.


Soso, Mississippi italian food directory

Tired of Lean Cuisines? No probs, Soso has massive numbers of tasty places to get your tastebuds to far away places. United Artists Sawmill Square Cinema Fiv is always a boss mow or plan some additional exercise in the morning and consume mass quantities at Domino's Pizza for more detailed eats or to find the greatest Egg Foo Yung surrounding Soso look into the Soso, Mississippi world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got shreddin Mongolian beef or grindable thick pepperoni pies pay it forward and write them a tasty review.


Soso, Mississippi zoos

The zoo is a great way to get out and learn about the environment, and with all the walking it's an interesting way to get some exercise. Between running around searching for the Polar Bear enclosure and the Snowy Owl attractions find a moment for a family picture with the zoo's bizarre and interesting animal guests. While you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Soso look into the haps Audubon Zoo, or for more fabulous zoos and gardens browse the Soso, Mississippi zoo directory.

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About Soso

Soso is a town in Jones County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 379 at the 2000 census.
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Soso, Mississippi Geography

Soso is located at (31.754465, -89.274120).According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 2.0 square miles (5.2 km²), of which, 2.0 square miles (5.2 km²) of it is land and 0.50% is water.

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Greer's Food Store No 1 -
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