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Best Stuff To Do In Milford, Delaware

Wanna find stuff to do in Milford? Here's some ideas for you to get your groove on in town. Milford has tons of unique historical surroundings for those curious about history to experience. Frederica Historic District, Barratt Hall, and also Mordington, are easy to get to. Though you may love it your prized dogs playing poker painting is not art. So why not see something a little more cerebral at Nanticoke Indian Museum. Going to the museum will make your wife's friends jealous cause none of her friends husbands are classy enough to take them, so you might want to check the events schedule at Anna Hazzard Museum, or possibly Bowers Beach Maritime Museum.

Take it to the next level. Hamid Enterprises is easily within reach and always has been consistently enjoyed by the locals. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually tons of pleasant things to do. From rides and attractions to boat shows and great live music the local fairgrounds near Milford are cool for finding a nice way to get out of the house. Now stop looking at this page and find out about the scheduled events in the Milford Fair and Events Directory. A number of pleasant diversions are within reach of Milford. If you want attractions or just thinking about getting out, the potential experiences are infinite. Plan a trip now and visit the area amusements, and attractions. Club Milton Speedway is worth the relatively short drive, you might also want to get to Dover Downs Harness Racing or Dover Par 3 & Driving Range while you're in town.

Need some energy after all this. Ice cream is great fun for kids and families. Craving something sweet? There's a million ways for you to find your ice cream zen in town. You can find your ice cream fix at Dairy Queen Of Camden, or drive by King's Homemade Ice Cream for totally killer chocolate or simply some delightful sundaes. In the evening you can unwind a little, after all the action of the day. Find a cool local hang while indulging in numerous Heinekin's, or meet some new people and get ultra plastered while you're in Milford. Sample something subtle perhaps a Downhill Racer, or perhaps a Planters Punch. While in Milford visit Milford Tavern, Kitty One, or Milford Tavern. Don't like this itinerary, no problemo just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Milford, Delaware Citywide amusement rides

Various and sundry adventures for the kids can be located near Milford, Delaware. If you are looking for aquariums or would like fun ideas the options are collossal. Get going and find some cool stuff to do. When you're in Milford check out Club Milton Speedway or take everyone out to Dover Downs Harness Racing for some insane fun.


Milford, Delaware Citywide art gallery paintings

Locate crafts and a plethora of artistic offerings surrounding Milford. Whether you are looking for Sumi E or would like to find a place that you can try out your beret. Check out the scenery at some local galleries, you'll find a variety of fun artsy stuff in Milford. Try 205 Lavinia Street or check out what's artsy at Federal Street Gallery & Espresso Bar.


Milford, Delaware Citywide bar wine

Like to find a place to chillax and enjoy some tequila's or take a cab and get happily ale'd up while you're visiting Milford. Enjoy something special maybe a Big Mac Daddy, Ruby Cooler or maybe a White Lady. While in Milford try out Milford Tavern, Kitty One or Milford Tavern. To look at all the options peruse the Milford, Delaware bar directory. Write about your favorite bartender in our directory.

All Occasions
(302) 424-0220
39 N Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford Tavern
(302) 422-3909
213 S Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford Tavern
(302) 422-3909
24 S Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Kitty One
(302) 335-4201
165 Murderkill Ave
Frederica, DE 19946

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware bowling lane find

Hook up with your buds and kill some pins while enjoying some brews at Brunswick Doverama. Bowling is awesome fun and we've got all the best places in Milford, at your fingertips. Cruise by Dover Bowl. Or to check out the other bowling alleys in the area click on the Milford, Delaware bowling directory. Know a place that's a complete strike support our community and include it in our directory.

Milford Bowling Lanes Inc
(302) 422-9456
809 N Dupont Blvd
Milford, DE 19963

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Dover Bowl
(302) 678-2700
600 Jefferic Blvd
Dover, DE 19901

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Brunswick Doverama
(302) 734-7501
South Governors Avenue
Dover, DE 19904

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Midway Bowling Center
(302) 645-0211
28 Midway Shopping Center
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware frozen yogurt location ice cream find

Going out for ice cream is great fun. Want to get chill and hit that sweet tooth? We have a million ways to get a brain freeze in Milford. Locate the penultimate Peanut Butter Marshmallow (Peanut Butter Flavored Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirl) or simply some decadent chocolate we've got you covered. If you're in Milford get to Dairy Queen Of Camden or cruise into King's Homemade Ice Cream. You know of a great place with superior sundaes or awesome pecan praline? Let us know here or add it to our directory.

937 North Dupont Boulevard
Milford, DE 19963

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King's Homemade Ice Cream
302 Union Street
Milton, DE 19968

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Dairy Queen Of Camden
4 South Dupont Hwy
Camden Wyoming, DE 19934

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Frozen Ice Desserts Inc
262 South Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware coffee bar locate

Don't get your coffee at the gas station. It's not cool, and coffee is sorta cool these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Finding the right place makes the experience complete. Milford offers a bunch of great places to get your eyes opened, and your day started off right. Discover new flavors like Toasted Almond Cream Flavored Coffee or French Toast Flavored Coffee. Be sure to check out when you're in Milford. Know of a place that serves the best Cortado? Write a review of your favorite place.


Milford, Delaware diner dive online

Many restaurant choices abound in Milford from Mexican to five star dining there are wide ranging options to indulge your pallette. Explore the Milford, Delaware restaurant listings and find some great places to try for lunch. While you're visiting locals reccommend Nancy's Riverfront Cafe or try out some of the other local institutions like Em-Ing's BBQ or Cafe Milano Pizza & Restaurant.

Peruvian Chicken Rotisserie
(302) 424-3502
223 NE Front St
Milford, DE 19963

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Cafe Milano Pizza & Restaurant
(302) 430-0333
941 N Dupont Blvd
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford Diner
(302) 422-6111
1042 N Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Nancy's Riverfront Cafe
(302) 424-2393
1 N Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware fairground directory

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you're looking for something to do for the family the fairgrounds always have tons of pleasant diversions. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of cool things to do. From midway attractions to flea markets and monster trucks the local fairgrounds near Milford are cool for finding stuff do do. Now you know what to do get up and check out whats going on this week at Hamid Enterprises.


Milford, Delaware fast food directory

Are you about to pass out cause you're so hungry? You're totally covered from early morning to late nite munchies satisfy your cravings for something fried in Milford. Are you hungry yet how about a good old Pizza Hut Meat Lover's Personal Pan Pizza Calories: 890 or indulge in a nice Dairy Queen Chocolate. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard? Find all the fast food options nearby Milford here in the Citywide Information fast food listings. When you're in town check out Dairy Queen of Springhill or drop by Capriotti's of Milford. Buen provecho!


Milford, Delaware golf course tee

Why is golf more fun than baseball or football? For starters golfers don't claim that it takes exceptional intelligence to play their game well. Now that's settled so get out your drivers throw your clubs in the car and check out the amazing championship courses and driving ranges around Milford. Eagle Creek Golf Club has some difficult obstacles and beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at Rookery Golf Club The, check out the cool gear from Ping or impress your buddies with the new Cleveland Classic Blade 4 Blade Putters end your golf day with a trip to the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total birdie? Add it to our directory.

Shawnee Country Club
(302) 422-7010
S Business Route 1
Milford, DE 19963

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Cape Course at Jonathan's Landing
(302) 697-8204
1309 Ponderosa Dr
Magnolia, DE 19962

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Rookery Golf Club The
(302) 684-3000
RR 3 Box 183
Milton, DE 19968

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Eagle Creek Golf Club
(302) 677-6039
Building 827
Dover Air Force Base, DE 19902

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware Citywide historic places

Check out some history while you're in Milford try to find time for Frederica Historic District, Barratt Hall, or stop by Mordington. Milford has numerous culturally significant historical markers and places for history enthusiasts to enjoy. Look into the Milford, Delaware historical places directory to find more great historical places close to Milford. Or browse the Delaware historical places directory for up to date information on all of the historical places to visit in Delaware.

Frederica Historic District
Market, Front, and David Sts.
Frederica, DE 19946

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S of Frederica on Canterbury Rd.
Frederica, DE 19946

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Barratt Hall
S of Frederica off DE 372
Frederica, DE 19946

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Bonwell House
4 mi. W of Frederica on DE 380
Frederica, DE 19946

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware library listing

Why should I go to the library? Like-minded people: It's a comfort to be around like-minded bookworms, and you might be more motivated just from looking at people hard at work. It's also a nice way to feel like you're part of the neighborhood. the classics like Great Expectations to masterfully intricate new works like A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett. It's all at the library for free! Whether you're interested in Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra or John Irving, the Milford, Delaware library directory has a multitude of great libraries and reading rooms. Whatever your interests are you'll discover a multitude of genres including Memoir, Thrillers, Non, and Horror. waxing philosophical and musing upon the works of Jorie Graham at the dinner table.


Milford, Delaware museums

Milford offers a fantastic selection of museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Plan a trip to Nanticoke Indian Museum or stop at Anna Hazzard Museum. Going to the museum is a totally non creepy first date. Need another reason? Museums help bring change and development to communities. Need yet another reason to go? How about brilliant medieval artifacts? Still not sure if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. No offense but your Farrah Fawcett poster is not art so go find out what art really is at at Bowers Beach Maritime Museum.


Milford, Delaware night life listing

You have zero chance of scoring at home so maybe let's go all Michael Jackson at da club at some great night spots with the nightlife people in Milford. Watch the bartender as he stares at you in quizzical admiration while you drink your fourth Mint Fizz and exhibit your Strobing moves at Bayview Inn. After that cruise to Park Place Restaurant & Lounge or try your best late night pick up lines at Anderson Enterprises Make sure you tip everyone and stop for some Rolaids before you hit up Capriotti's of Milford for your post party munch. Know a club that's totally pumpin? Give em their props and add it theThe Milford, Delaware nightlife directory.

Park Place Restaurant & Lounge
5 N Washington St
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford Tavern
24 S Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963

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Bayview Inn
Hubbard Street North
Frederica, DE 19946

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Greenwood Tavern
16 West Market Street
Greenwood, DE 19950

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware park playground

Milford has a surprisingly interesting selection of local county parks and recreational offerings for everyone. Get your Nerf football and bounce to Milford Neck Wildlife Area - Cedar Creek or maybe stop by Harrington Public Library and check out a copy of Gone: A Novel by Cathi Hanauer, or something fun to read and enjoy a great book and the scenery at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. When you are in Milford locals advise experiencing pleasant surroundings at Killens Pond State Park.


Milford, Delaware shopping mall directory

Your all depressed and you need to indulge yourself you don't need a reason, it's all good girl. It's always time to shop! Whether you're looking for the well known fashion houses like Max Azria or want to tell everyone about the exclusive designer Sultanna Frantsuzova stuff you found shopping. Milford is close to tons of places to get your shop on peruse The Milford, Delaware shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium shops and merchandise from Aativijay Gupta, Gianfranco Ferre, Rahul Reddy, and Bruuns Bazaar. When you're in Milford find something nice at Wal-Mart, or roll to Wal-Mart Supercenter or get your retail therapy.

(302) 422-4456
939 N Dupont Hwy
Milford, DE 19963

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(302) 424-2213
654 N Dupont Hwy
Milford, DE 19963

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J C Penneys
(302) 422-6641
115 NE Front St
Milford, DE 19963

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Wal-Mart Supercenter
(302) 422-2854
939 N Dupont Blvd
Milford, DE 19963

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware spa salon locate

Its way better to be a woman it's totally easier C'mon you never have to fix the sprinklers, you don't have to change the oil in your car and you aren't expected to know anything about cars. But all this comes at a price, you need to look like money, act like money, and be money whether you gotta get a lavender infused facial detox mask treatment, a serene stress massage, professional salon services, or you want to take a catnap while your getting your nails done. Looking good means feeling good, and you must always stay on your game. It's no problem. We've got all the stylists, salons, and beauty hook up's you need to be fabulous in Milford. Check all the details in the Milford, Delaware Spas, Salons, and Skin Care Directory.

(856) 935-4443
31 S Greenwich St
Alloway, NJ 08001

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Yoga Healing Art Center
(856) 691-2311
546 Alvine Rd
Pittsgrove, NJ 08318

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Barca's Barber Shop
(856) 358-3556
9 S Main St
Elmer, NJ 08318

Read Reviews, Map it!

Quick Tans
(856) 935-8822
709 S Broadway
Pennsville, NJ 08070

Read Reviews, Map it!

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware theater arts listing

Milford has varied of local theatre offerings within reach. Taking in the theatre is a great way to make your wife happy and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee: Lauded playwright Edward Albee's award-winning masterpiece offers a fictitious look at the lives of two couples as the older of the two grow drunker and begin hurling abuses each other and their companions. Or find local performances of feel good musicals like Yankee Doodle Dandy. Check out the Milford, Delaware theatre directory for details. We recommend you check out Capitol Theater - Box Office or The Schwartz Center for the Arts when you're in town.


Milford, Delaware chinese food restaurant locate

Tired of Top Ramen? No sweat, Milford has massive numbers of bodacious places to get your tastebuds to far away places. Italiana's Pizza totally is a tasty possibility or get to John's Seafood for all the details or to find the best Chow Mein inside Milford look into the Milford, Delaware world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got gnarly Tempura or tubular carne asada think of all the good karma you'll get and write them a boss review.

Joe's Pizza
1006 North Pearl St
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Read Reviews, Map it!

John's Seafood
529 West Broad Street
Paulsboro, NJ 08066

Read Reviews, Map it!

Italiana's Pizza
575 Chester Pike
Prospect Park, PA 19076

Read Reviews, Map it!

Pat's Pizzeria
325 North Black Horse Pike
Runnemede, NJ 08078

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Milford, Delaware
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Milford, Delaware flamingo zoo directory

You haven't been to the zoo in ages right? So time to get back, and with all the walking around it's an interesting way to get some exercise. Between running around searching for the Duck enclosure and the Giraffe attractions find a moment for a family picture with the zoo's many picturesque surroundings. While you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Milford look into the vibe Winters Run Conservation Area, or for more zoos and gardens look into the Milford, Delaware zoo and botanical gardens directory.

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About Milford

Milford is a city in Kent and Sussex counties in the U.S. state of Delaware. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city is 9,559. The Kent County portion of Milford is part of the Dover Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the Sussex County portion is part of the Seaford Micropolitan Statistical Area.
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Milford, Delaware History

The Kent County side of Milford was first settled in 1680 by Henry Bowan on what was known as the Saw Mill Range. A century later the Reverend Sydenham Thorne built a dam across the Mispillion River to generate power for his gristmill and sawmill. Around the same time, Joseph Oliver laid out the first city streets and plots nearby on a part of his plantation. Soon a number of homes and businesses appeared along Front Street and Milford was born. The city was incorporated February 5, 1807.In the 1770s, a ship building industry was already flourishing on the Mispillion River. Shipbuilding continued to be the major industry of Milford through World War I, bringing considerable …Read More
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Milford, Delaware Geography

Milford is located at (38.912840, -75.429327), along the Mispillion River.According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 5.6 square miles (14.6 km²), of which, 5.6 square miles (14.4 km²) of it is land and 0.1 square miles (0.2 km²) of it (1.07%) is water.

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Milford, Delaware Hospital and Clinics:

Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital -

Milford, Delaware Postal Services:

Post Office-Milford -

Milford, Delaware Schools, Colleges and Learning Facilities:

Benjamin Banneker Elementary School - Mikros Christian School - Milford Senior High School - Lulu M Ross Elementary School - Milford Lakeview School - Milford First Baptist Christian School - Cedar Neck School - Christian Tabernacle Academy -
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Milford, Delaware Supermarkets and Grocery stores:

Save-A-Lot - Shore Stop Food Stores - Milford - Shore Stop Food Stores - Milford - Super Fresh Food Market - Trinity Carribean Food Store & Multi Ser - Royal Farms - One Stop - Mills Brothers Market - Los Potrillos - La Plaza Mexicana - La Esquinita - Food Lion Inc-Store No 1294 -