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Like to plan a day taking in Kaltag? Here's some ideas about how to best experience the local vibe. Kaltag has a diverse array of historical settings for local history buffs to enjoy. Cape Krusenstern Archeological District , Bureau of Indian Affairs Unalakleet Scho, and Kolmakov Redoubt Site, are certainly worth checking out. Kaltag has a great selection of libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a vast selection of genres like Art, Humor And Comedy, and Non Fiction. Take a few moments and broaden your horizons at . Spend some time at the library and you'll soon be impressing the ladies with your new found intellect while citing the works of Amy Gerstler at really hip parties.

Up the ante with a little excitement. Kaltag has an interesting selection of local county parks and great recreational areas for families. Get the kids in the car and bounce to Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge or maybe stop by and borrow a copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, or something else engaging and enjoy a great book under the trees at Siningmon (historical). When you want to get outside in Kaltag reviewers suggest experiencing scenic paths at Innoko National Wildlife Refuge.

After all this take a moment to re-energize Get up and get your ice cream fix. Feel like something sweet? There's thousands of ways for you to find your ice cream zen in town. Bounce to , or stop at for the completely most awesome strawberry or maybe some subllime malts and shakes. Now it's time to relax a little. Like to bend an elbow and have numerous ale's, or take your wife out and get super bagged in Kaltag. Sample something tasty perhaps a Blue Lagoon, or possibly a Sunburn. While in Kaltag pull up a chair at Mc Guire's Tavern & Liquor Inc, Yukon Inn, or Board Of Trade. This itinerary sucks, no problemo just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Kaltag, Alaska Citywide amusement ferris wheel

Multiple things to with the kids are a short ride away from Kaltag, Alaska. Whether you like rides or just want to get some vitamin D the potential experiences are enormous. You know what to do now so go and find some cool stuff to do. When you're in Kaltag check out or take the fam to for some fun.


Kaltag, Alaska find nearby art gallery

Uncover galleries and a wide mixture of modern art surrounding Kaltag. Whether you are looking for a velvet Elvis or just want an excuse to wear a black turtleneck. Check out the offerings at the area's galleries, you'll find a mixture of inspired ways to spend the day in in Kaltag. Try or look into artsy stuff at .


Kaltag, Alaska bar cocktails

Like to find a place to chillax and enjoy some glasses of beer or take in some cocktail therapy and get happily toasted while you're visiting Kaltag. Enjoy something new like a Cherry Martini, Dutch Breakfast or perhaps a Pineapple Margarita. While in Kaltag check in on the folks at Mc Guire's Tavern & Liquor Inc, Yukon Inn or Board Of Trade. To review all of the possibilities visit the Kaltag, Alaska bar directory. Promote your best places in our directory.


Kaltag, Alaska bowling pins game

Get out and roll over some pins while enjoying some cocktails at . Bowling is a great way to burn calories and we've identified all the best places in Kaltag, at your fingertips. Try out . Or to locate other bowling alleys nearby visit the Kaltag, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real gutterball support our community and include it in our directory.


Kaltag, Alaska frozen yogurt location ice cream find

Everyone loves ice cream. Looking for a way to cool off? We have lots of ways for you to get your brain freeze on in Kaltag. Locate the penultimate Palmer Mousseum With Almonds (Chocolate Ice Cream with Butter Roasted Almonds and Chocolate Swirl) or perhaps some fantastic chocolate we've got you taken care of. When you visit Kaltag drop by or chill (literally) at . Visited a place with sublime sorbets or impeccable jamocha almond fudge? Tell us about it or add it to our listings.


Kaltag, Alaska coffee bar directory

Coffee is not as much a beverage choice as it is a lifestyle choice these days. The choices for flavors and blends change and evolve all the time. Hooking up with the right barista ensures a quality experience. Kaltag has a ton a places to get wired up on caffeine. Get out and experience some intersting flavors like Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee or Caramel Apple Flavored Coffee. Be sure to check out when you're in Kaltag. Know of a place that serves the best Red Eye? Tell your friends and write a review.


Kaltag, Alaska diner dive locate

Restaurant choices abound in Kaltag from barbecue to fine dining there are many opportunities to satisfy your tastebuds. Explore the Kaltag, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to relax and enjoy a great meal. While you're in town drive by Frontier Espresso or try out some of the other great local places like Peace On Earth Restaurant or Liberty Cafe.

(907) 624-3640
PO Box 86
Unalakleet, AK 99684

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Frontier Espresso
(907) 624-3400
River Rd E
Unalakleet, AK 99684

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Peace On Earth Restaurant
(907) 624-3373
PO Box 107
Unalakleet, AK 99684

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Liberty Cafe
(907) 923-3071
Airport Rd
St Michael, AK 99659

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Kaltag, Alaska fairground games

Who doesn't like going to the fair? If you want to plan something this weekend the fairgrounds always have events scheduled that appeal to everyone. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually tons of family oriented things to do. From rides and attractions to swap meets and trade shows the local fairgrounds near Kaltag are a great place to find kid friendly entertainment options. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going on at .


Kaltag, Alaska fast food fries

Need to feed? You're covered bro from bacon and eggs to late night gluttony satisfy your cravings for some killer grinds in Kaltag. Hungry now how about a good old Carl's Jr. Super Star (with cheese) or perchance a tasty Subway Double Meatball Marinara? Find the best reviewed fast food options in Kaltag here in our directory. Reviewers recommend you get to or get your mow on at . Buon appetito!


Kaltag, Alaska Citywide golf course

Why is golf more enjoyable than baseball or football? Perhaps because golfers don't get in fights in bars. Now that's settled so dust off your putters throw your clubs in the car and check out the immaculate public courses and driving ranges around Kaltag. has some difficult water hazards and beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at , check out the latest gear from Ping or shave some strokes off your game with the new Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Game-Improvement Hybrids then cruise the cart over to the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total hole in one? Tell others add it to our directory.


Kaltag, Alaska Citywide historic places

For an interesting day in Kaltag reviewers recommend Cape Krusenstern Archeological District , Bureau of Indian Affairs Unalakleet Scho, or stop by Kolmakov Redoubt Site. Kaltag has a number of widely recognized historical places for history enthusiasts to enjoy. Look into the Kaltag, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places close to Kaltag. Or browse the Alaska historical places directory for current information on all of the historical attractions in Alaska.


Kaltag, Alaska Citywide library read

Why go to the library? Magazines and newspapers: Introduce your child to some of the magazines designed just for children. With bold photographs, poems and a joke or two, magazines are another reading choice for beginning readers. Or catch up on the news in your community and share a smile over the comics. rediscovering the classics like The Time Machine to superlative and somewhat new reads such as Inhale by Kendall Grey. It's all at the library for free! Whether your looking for Homer or Don Delillo, the Kaltag, Alaska library directory has a multitude of great places to read. Whatever your interests are you'll discover an assortment of genres including Humor, Art, Graphic, and Children's. making everyone feel stupid with your new found intellect while expounding on the poetry of A.R. Ammons at the dinner table.


Kaltag, Alaska museum online

Kaltag offers many interesting museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Stroll through the offerings at or plan a visit to . Going to the museum promotes creativity and intellectual curiosity. Need another reason? See the latest blockbuster exhibition Still not convinced? How about beautiful impressionist paintings? Still uncertain if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Don't take this the wrong way but your Farrah Fawcett poster is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at .


Kaltag, Alaska night life listing

Another night with your X Box and the bros is gonna be a sausage fest so get ready to get jiggy wid it at the many night places nearby Kaltag. Watch the bartender as he looks at you in amusement as you purchase your second Béné n Hot and bust your crazy Fruggin techniques at . Still looking for more action head to or try some lame pick up lines at Be sure to tip your waiters and waitresses and get to to sober up with some late night munchies. Know a cool nighclub or after hours place that's insanely fun? Give em their props and add it theThe Kaltag, Alaska nightlife directory.


Kaltag, Alaska park listing

Kaltag has some really fascinating local state parks and great recreational areas for everyone. Get the dog's leash and visit Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge or maybe stop by and pick up a copy of Open Season by Linda Howard, or something fun to read and spend some time in the shade at at Siningmon (historical). When you are in Kaltag reviewers suggest taking in the scenic paths at Innoko National Wildlife Refuge.


Kaltag, Alaska shopping mall locate

You just lost a dress size and you deserve to indulge yourself a little you don't need a reason, it's all good. Shopping is the bomb. Whether you're looking for the well known fashion houses like Dkny or want to brag to your friends about the exclusive designer Nathan Jenden item you got this weekend. Kaltag has lots of options to satisfy your shopping needs peruse The Kaltag, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with luxury offerings from A.z Araujo, Talulah, Andy Wolf, and Marije De Haan. When you're in Kaltag find something nice at , or get to for something more casual find great sale stuff.


Kaltag, Alaska spa salon location

Oh the benefits of being a woman it's just easier I mean you can rationalize spending a weeks pay on a purse, You get to play with boobies all day, and women can get drunk and not act like a*?holes. But all this with some conditions, you need to come correct whether you're needing a stimulating facial, soothing spa treatments, just a cut and color, or you wanna just chill and get your pedicure on. Looking good means feeling good, and you have to stay on your game. Don't worry honey. We've got all the stylists, salons, eyebrow threading, and fitness hook up's you need to stay beautiful in Kaltag. Review all your options in the Kaltag, Alaska Salon Services Listings.


Kaltag, Alaska Citywide theater arts symphony

Kaltag has a huge selection of avant garde theatre offerings closeby. Taking in the theatre is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and the best part is its already in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Find local productions of the classics like The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee: Transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau serves as the protagonist of this fictionalized account of his very real, very brief stint in prison for refusing to pay his taxes. Or find local productions of feel good musicals such as Show Boat. Check out the Kaltag, Alaska theatre and entertainment directory for details. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.


Kaltag, Alaska sushi restaurant directory

Tired of eating Kraft macaroni and cheese? No worries, Kaltag Has lots of killer places to get your tastebuds to far away places. is always a tasty possibility or plan some additional exercise in the morning and consume mass quantities at for more detailed eats or to find the greatest subs inside Kaltag look into the Kaltag, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got awesome Thai or grindable pepperoni pies pay it forward and write them a boss review.


Kaltag, Alaska zoo giraffe find

The zoo is great for everyone, and with all the walking around it's a great way for the fam to get some exercise. Between running around searching for the Elephant enclosure and the Crocodile attractions find a moment to stop for a photo with the zoo's many picturesque backdrops. When you're searching for some wild fun in Kaltag check out the haps , or for other wild things look into the Kaltag, Alaska zoo and gardens directory.

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About Kaltag

Kaltag is a village in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 230.
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Kaltag, Alaska History

Kaltag was a Koyokon Athabascan area used as a cemetery for surrounding villages. It is located on an old portage trail which led west through the mountains to Unalakleet. The Athabascans had seasonal camps in the area and moved as the wild game migrated. There were 12 summer fish camps located on the Yukon River between the Koyukuk River and the Nowitna River.Kaltag was named by Russians for the Koyokon man named Kaltaga.There was a smallpox epidemic in 1839 that killed a large part of the population of the area.After the Alaska Purchase, a United States military telegraph line was constructed along the north side of the Yukon River. A trading post opened around 1880, just …Read More
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Kaltag, Alaska Geography

Kaltag is located at (64.325145, -158.727030).Kaltag is on the west bank of the Yukon River, 120 km (75 miles) west of Galena of 27.4 square miles (70.9 km²), of which, 23.3 square miles (60.3 km²) of it is land and 4.1 square miles (10.6 km²) of it (14.97%) is water.
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