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Wanna find the top kid friendly attractions in Barrow? Maybe you should add some of these stops to your travel plan. Barrow has a great selection of libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll discover a huge selection of genres like Crime, Humor And Comedy, and Science. Peruse the magazines and periodicals at . Spend some time at the library and soon you'll be impressing everyone with your huge brain while discussing the works of Paul Hoover at trendy parties.

Up the ante with a little excitement. Going bowling is a majestic sport of skill and precision. Call some friends and tear up the lanes and enjoy the fun at . Or bowl your perfect game at . Barrow has an interesting selection of local county parks and recreational areas for everyone. Get your sunscreen on and bounce to Sinaruruk (historical) or maybe stop by and pick up a copy of Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan, or some more casual reads and enjoy a great book under the trees at Sinyu (historical). When you are in Barrow reviewers advise taking in the pleasant surroundings at Birnirk Site.

Need to re-energize after all this The surrounding area has a ton a places to get wired up on caffeine. Discover new flavors like Tropical Vanilla Flavored Coffee, or a tasty Black Tie. Stop at , also closeby is . OK it's time to decompress now. Want to find a place to chill and enjoy a few superbly mixed drinks, or maybe get unabashedly tanked while you're visiting Barrow. Sip something less urbane perhaps a Mai Tai, or maybe a Painkiller. While in Barrow check in on the folks at , , or . Don't like this itinerary, no problems bro just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Barrow, Alaska amusement park directory

A wide spanning number of amusements and activities are easily accessible to Barrow, Alaska. Find theme parks or would like something more extreme the options are without limit Try some new stuff and enjoy! When you're in Barrow stop by or bounce to for some fun.


Barrow, Alaska art galleries

Discover framing and a grip of artistic offerings within Barrow. Whether you are looking for serigraphs or would like to learn more about the art world. Take in the vibe at the area's galleries, you'll find a mixture of pleasant artsy diversions in Barrow. Try or get in touch with your artsy side at .


Barrow, Alaska Citywide bar wine

Looking for a place to relax and have too many lager's or take in some cocktail therapy and get pleasantly Newcastled in the city of Barrow. Sip something delicious perhaps a Nutty Summer Martini, Apple Tini or maybe a Sidecar. While in Barrow stop by , or . For more options cruise the Barrow, Alaska bar directory. Blog about your favorite bartender in the citywide bar directory.


Barrow, Alaska Citywide bowling alley

Tell everyone to get out and kill some pins while enjoying the fun at . Bowling is a majestic sport of skill and precision and we've run down all the best places in Barrow, at your fingertips. Get to . Or to find other bowling options in the area click the Barrow, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real perfect game tell others, include it in our directory.


Barrow, Alaska ice cream online frozen yogurt locate

Ice cream is great for everyone. First date, afternoon treat, or decadent dessert everyone likes ice cream. Want to try some new flavors? We have dozens of ways for you to get your brain freeze on in Barrow. Looking for the ultimate Scholar's Chip (Vanilla Ice Cream with Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Chips) or maybe in the mood for some traditional cherry we've got you taken care of. When your in Barrow drop by or try . You know a place with delightful sundaes or awesome chilly diversions? Tell us about it here or add it to our listings.


Barrow, Alaska coffee bar directory

It's not cool to get your coffee at Circle K and coffee is all about cool these days. The proliferation of flavor choices are best enjoyed when prepared by real professionals. Finding the right place makes the experience complete. Barrow has many fine choices for your gourmet coffee fix. Get out and experience some intersting flavors like Caramel Cream Flavored Coffee or Old Fashion Vanilla Flavored Coffee. Be sure to check out when you're in Barrow. Know of a place that serves the best Red Tux? Give em their props and write a review.


Barrow, Alaska diner dive food

There are lots of great places to try in Barrow from Traditional American to casual dining there are many choices to satisfy your pallette. Peruse the Barrow, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to get your mow on. While you're visiting we recommend you stop by Osaka Restaurant or sample some of the other great local places like Shogun Teriyaki House or Northern Lights Restaurant.

Shogun Teriyaki House
(907) 852-2276
1906 Pakpuk St
Barrow, AK 99723

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Northern Lights Restaurant
(907) 852-3300
5122 Herman St
Barrow, AK 99723

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Osaka Restaurant
(907) 852-4100
980 Stevenson St
Barrow, AK 99723

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Arctic Pizza
(907) 852-4222
125 Apayauq St
Barrow, AK 99723

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Barrow, Alaska Citywide fairground ride

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you're looking for something to do with the kids the fairgrounds always have great fun stuff for all. Even when the fair is not in town there are always lots of interesting things to do. From livestock auctions to flea markets and rodeos the local fairgrounds near Barrow are a great place to find a great way to spend the day. Turn off the TV, get the kids in the car and get out to see what's up this weekend at .


Barrow, Alaska fast food find

Are you about to pass out cause you're so hungry? You're totally covered from breakfast to late nite munchies satisfy your cravings for something fried in Barrow. Hungry yet how about a good old Hardee's Loaded Breakfast Burrito or possibly a nice Boston Market Pastry Top Chicken Pot Pie? Locate all the fast food choices in Barrow here in our directory. We recommend you check out or get your mow on at . Buon appetito!


Barrow, Alaska golf course listing

Why is golf more pleasureable than baseball or football? Well for starters pro golfers don't have bodyguards or entourages. Now that's settled so dust off your wedges get your clubs in the car and check out the well manicured public courses and driving ranges around Barrow. has some stimulating water hazards that are complemented by beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at , check out the latest gear from Taylormade or shave some points off your game with the new Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Midsize Mallet Putters end your golf day with a trip to the 19th hole Know of a course that's a complete albatross? Add it to our directory.


Barrow, Alaska Citywide historical places buildings

For a pleasant diversion in Barrow don Rogers-Post Site, Utkeagvik Church Manse, or stop by Birnirk Site. Barrow has diverse historical places for everyone to enjoy. Look into the Barrow, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places right near Barrow. Or browse the Alaska historical places directory for the latest information on all of the historical places to see in Alaska.


Barrow, Alaska library listing

Why should I go to the library? Computers: Most public libraries offer free Internet access, computers with educational games for kids, and valuable online resources for teenagers. revisiting the classics like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to exciting and relatively new novels like Firelight by Kristen Callihan. It's all at the library for free! Whether you want George MacDonald or Philip Roth, the Barrow, Alaska library directory has a multitude of great libraries and reading rooms. Whatever your interests are you'll discover an assortment of genres that include Paranormal, Classics, Crime, and Ethnic. impressing everyone with your huge brain while quoting the works of T.R. Hummer at the office water cooler.


Barrow, Alaska museum sculpture

Barrow offers a diverse array of museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Take in the exquisite works at or plan a trip to . Many museums have special exhibits and activities for kids and offer reduced rates during certain times. Need another reason? Museums make you feel good. Still not convinced? How about stunning renaissance paintings? Still don't know why you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Cool as it may be your Alfred E. Newman poster is not art so go and see the real stuff at .


Barrow, Alaska night life listing

Your girlfriend is out of town and she's probably gonna break up with you anyway let's freak on the dance floor at the many night places in the party capitol of Barrow. Watch the bartender as he looks at you in admiration when you purchase your first Summer Fruit Sour and show off your Moonwalk techniques at . After that head to or get the party in high gear at Be sure to tip your waiters and waitresses and get to to sober up with some late night munchies. Know a nightclub that's off the hook? Add it to theThe Barrow, Alaska nightlife directory.


Barrow, Alaska park children

Barrow has a surprisingly interesting selection of local city parks and great places to be outside for families. Get the kids in the car and head to Sinaruruk (historical) or maybe stop by and check out a copy of Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, or something fun to read and enjoy a great book in the lush surroundings at Sinyu (historical). When you want to get outside in Barrow reviewers advise experiencing natural beauty and grounds at Birnirk Site.


Barrow, Alaska shopping mall locate

It's Friday and you deserve to spoil yourself a little you don't need a reason, we got you. I'd shop on Christmas if the stores weren't closed. Whether you're looking for daring designers like Dolce & Gabbana or want to brag to your friends about the cool designer Christopher Shannon stuff you got shopping this weekend. Barrow has lots of smart choices to satisfy your shopping needs look into The Barrow, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with boutiques and merchandise from Abdul Halder, Isaac Mizrahi, Augustin Teboul, and Christopher Kane. When you're in Barrow visit , or get to for a more low key shopping fix.


Barrow, Alaska spa salon listing

Why is a better to be a girl than a guy, well it's just way cooler I mean you never have to fix the sprinklers, you can sue for sexual harassment and not get made fun of, and if your man is sick in bed, you don't have to go buy him feminine hygiene products. But all this comes at a cost, you gotta take care of yourself whether you're needing reinvigorating facial treatments, soothing massage treatments, a flirty new haircut, or your feet look like you just left Gilligans Island. If you don't want your girlfriend to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. No worries. We've got all the salon and beauty hook up's you need to stay ahead of the game and be beautiful in Barrow. Review all your options in the Barrow, Alaska Spas, Salons, and Skin Care Directory.


Barrow, Alaska theater arts listing

Barrow has a plethora of theatre productions within minutes of the city center. Taking in the theatre is a great first date and the best part is its already in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like The Tempest: Deposed Milanese duke Prospero dramatically dabbles in the magical arts with the hope of transporting his daughter Miranda to her place at the throne. Or find local productions of entertaining musicals such as My Fair Lady. Check out the Barrow, Alaska theatre directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.


Barrow, Alaska sushi restaurant directory

Tired of eating Kraft macaroni and cheese? No problemo bro, Barrow Has lots of killer places to get your tastebuds to far away places. usually is a tasty possibility or take your spicy cravings to for more detailed information or to find the tastiest calzones surrounding Barrow check out the Barrow, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got awesome Tempura or grindable thick pepperoni pies show some love and write them a sweet review.


Barrow, Alaska Citywide zoo elephant

The zoo is a super hyper-fun way to get out and learn about the earth and our place in it, and with all the walking around you'll find it's a great way to get some fresh air as well. Between running around looking for the Chimpanzee enclosure and the Lynx attractions find a moment to get some cool cell phone pictures with the zoo's many picturesque settings. When you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Barrow look into the happenings , or for more great zoos and gardens clicky click on the Barrow, Alaska zoo directory.

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About Barrow

Barrow is the largest city of the North Slope Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is one of the northernmost cities in the world, and is the northernmost city in the United States, with nearby Point Barrow being the nation's northernmost point. The population was 4,683 at the 2000 census, with an estimated population of 3,982 in 2007. It was named after Sir John Barrow.
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Barrow, Alaska History

In the Inupiaq language the location of Barrow is called "Ukpeagvik", which means "the place where we hunt Snowy Owls".Archaeological sites in the area indicate the Inupiat lived around Barrow as far back as AD 500. Some remains of 16 dwelling mounds from the Birnirk culture of about AD 800 are still in evidence today on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. Their position on a slight rise above the high water mark places them in danger of being lost to erosion within a short time.Royal Navy officers were in the area to explore and map the Arctic coastline of North America. The United States Army established a meteorological and magnetic research station at Barrow in 1881, and …Read More
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Barrow, Alaska Geography

Barrow is located at. It is the only U.S. city on the continent of North America with an antipode on dry (though uninhabited) land. The antipode is in Antarctica at. Barrow is roughly south of the North Pole.According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of. of it is land and of it is water. The total area is 14% water. The predominant land type in Barrow is tundra, which sits on permafrost that is as much as in depth.Barrow is surrounded by the National Petroleum Reserve‚ÄďAlaska.

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Barrow, Alaska Airports and Heliports:

Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport -

Barrow, Alaska Radio stations:

NPR KBRW 680AM - new 91.1FM - K296DI|r.KJNP-100.3 107.1FM - NPR KBRW Top Of The World Radio 91.9FM -
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