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The zoo is a great way to get out and learn about nature, and with all the walking it's a great way for everyone to get some exercise. Dont miss or try . Teller has a great selection of libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a great selection of genres like Crime, Graphic Novels, and Thrillers. Check out the reference works at . Spend some time at the library and soon you'll be getting all existential and bloviating about poets like Michael Ryan at parties.

Take it up a notch with something a little more exciting. Multiple things for the kid in all of us can be reached easily from Teller. If you like Mini Putt or want ideas for stuff to do, the potential experiences are great. Get going and find some cool stuff to do. is not too hard to get to, also there's or while you're in town. is easy to get to and has events scheduled that appeal to everyone. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of cool things to do. From rides and attractions to flea markets and livestock exhibitions the local fairgrounds near Teller are a great place to find family stuff to do. Get the kids in the car and go and see whats going on this weekend, but first check the Teller Fair and Events Directory.

After all this take a moment to re-energize In a hurry and need to feed the beast? Go for some much needed sustinance and satisfy your cravings for something fried at , or cruise to for something quicker. Buen provecho! In the evening you can unwind a little, after all the action of the day. Want to find a place to chill and have a sufficient number of glasses of wine, or meet like minded people who like to get somewhat lit up in Teller. Taste something subtle perhaps a B53, or possibly a Raspberry Mojito. While in Teller visit Board Of Trade, Board Of Trade Office, or Gold Dust Lounge. Wanna try a different itinerary, no worries just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Teller, Alaska water parks in the us

An array of kid friendly attractions are easily accessible to Teller, Alaska. Locate attractions or would like something more extreme the possibilities are extensive. Start planning and find some cool stuff to do. When you're in Teller try out or take everyone out to for some fun.


Teller, Alaska art gallery travel

Learn about photography studios and a wide mixture of realist art closeby Teller. Whether you are looking for oil on canvas or just want an excuse to wear a black turtleneck. Check out the scene at the area's galleries, you'll find a mixture of pleasant artsy diversions in Teller. Try or look into artsy stuff at .


Teller, Alaska Citywide bar table service

Like to find a nice place to hang and enjoy a few shots or take in some cocktail therapy and get conspicuously mashed when you're in Teller. Sip something different like a Mayflower Martini, Mulled Wine or maybe a Katinka. While in Teller check out Board Of Trade, Board Of Trade Office or Gold Dust Lounge. For other bars check out the Teller, Alaska bar directory. Write about your favorites in the city's bar listings.


Teller, Alaska bowling pins game

Tell everyone to get out and roll over some pins while enjoying some brews at . Bowling is a majestic sport of skill and precision and we've located the best lanes in Teller, just a mouse click away. Visit . Or for additional listings visit the Teller, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real strike tell everyone, write a review.


Teller, Alaska frozen yogurt location ice cream find

Ice cream is great for everyone. First date, afternoon treat, or decadent dessert everyone likes ice cream. Feel like something sweet? We have a zillion ways for you to get your brain frozen in Teller. Looking for the tastiest Lemon Meringue Pie (Lemon Ice Cream with Marshmallow and Graham Cracker Pieces) or maybe some subllime pistachio we've got your hookup During your stay in Teller check out or cruise to . You got a favorite place with superior banana splits or the shreddin frozen delights? Review it here or add it to our directory.


Teller, Alaska coffee bar locate

It's not cool to get your coffee at Circle K and coffee is all about cool these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Finding the right place with the right vibe and the right grinds makes it so much better. Teller has some great choices to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Try some new specialty flavors like Orange Smoothie Flavored Coffee or Butter Rum Flavored Coffee. Try out when you're in Teller. Know of a place that serves the best Pumpkin Spice Latte? Write a review of your favorite place.


Teller, Alaska diner dive meal

Lots of restaurant choices abound in Teller from Traditional American to diners and dives there are diverse options to fulfill your pallette. Explore the Teller, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to grind. While you're in town make a reservation at Fat Freddies or try out some of the other local eateries like Anchor Tavern or Board Of Trade.


Teller, Alaska fairground find

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you're looking for something to do with the kids the fairgrounds always have great fun stuff for all. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of family oriented things to do. From rides and attractions to gun shows and livestock exhibitions the local fairgrounds near Teller are a great place to find kid friendly entertainment options. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going on at .


Teller, Alaska fast food onlne

Need to feed? You're covered bro from greasy early morning eye openers to late night drive thru's satisfy your cravings for some killer grinds in Teller. Hungry now how about a good old Dunkin Donuts Pastrami Supreme Sandwich or perhaps a satisfying Dunkin Donuts Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit Sandwich? Find all the fast food options around Teller here in our directory. When you're in town check out or get your mow on at . Bon appetit!


Teller, Alaska golf course directory

Why is golf more enjoyable than baseball or football? Perhaps because pro golfers don't try to renegotiate their earnings. Now that's settled so dust off your wedges get your clubs in the car and check out the immaculate private courses and driving ranges easily accessible to Teller. has some stimulating water hazards complimented by beautiful surroundings. Or head to the pro shop at , check out the latest gear from Taylormade or shave some points off your game with the new Nike VR Full Cavity Game-Improvement Irons then cruise the cart over to the 19th hole Know of a course that's a hole in one? Tell others add it to our directory.


Teller, Alaska Citywide historical finds

When visiting Teller locals recommend Pilgrim Hot Springs, Cape Krusenstern Archeological District , or stop by Bureau of Indian Affairs Unalakleet Scho. Teller has a surprisingly interesting selection of historical places and building for families with kids to enjoy. Look into the Teller, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places close to Teller. Or browse the Alaska historical places directory for complete statewide information on all of the historical places to see in Alaska.


Teller, Alaska public library locate

Why go to the library? Books are free: Of course, the most compelling reason to go to the library are the free books! With paperbacks costing an average of about $6, and new hardcovers costing double or triple the price, visit your local library to go easy on your wallet. If you're looking for books in foreign languages, it's good to check out the branches in the ethnic neighborhoods -- they will have a wider selection. enjoying the classics like Far from the Madding Crowd to masterful new novels such as A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett. It's all at the library for free! Whether your looking for Arthur Conan Doyle or Elizabeth Graver, the Teller, Alaska library directory has lots of great libraries. Whatever your interests are you'll discover a huge selection of genres including Fiction, Suspense, Art, and Memoir. impressing everyone with your huge brain while citing the great works of Maxine Kumin at cocktail parties.


Teller, Alaska museum find

Teller offers a fantastic selection of museums and galleries to families and children interested in the arts. While in town get to or plan a trip to . Going to the museum is a great opportunity to experience priceless works of art for very little money. Need another reason? Museums inspire Need yet another reason to go? How about inspiring works from the Dutch Masters? Still don't know if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Don't take this the wrong way but that painting you found by the dumpster is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at .


Teller, Alaska night spot directory

It's five o' clock somewhere so let's chill on the dancefloor at the A-List night places inside Teller. Watch the bartender as he looks at you in amazement when you purchase your Mint Merriment and bust your dope Turfing techniques at . If you have time before last call designate a driver and hit up or downshift to cruise mode at Make sure to delete all incriminating cell phone pictures and hit up for some late night munchies. Know a club that's insanely fun? Give em their props and add it theThe Teller, Alaska nightlife directory.


Teller, Alaska Citywide park relax

Teller has a unique assortment of local city parks and great places to be outside for everyone. Get your fam in the car and bounce to Senikave (historical) or maybe stop by and borrow a copy of Paradise by Jon Fore, or another good book and enjoy the solitude and tranquil setting at Siniogamute (historical). While you're in Teller reviewers always suggest taking in the scenic paths at Sinar (historical).


Teller, Alaska shopping mall listing

You had the day from hell and you deserve to indulge yourself a little you don't need a reason, it's all good. It's always time to shop! Whether you're looking for recognized designers like Verrier or want to tell your girlfriends about the exclusive designer Rebecca Minkoff stuff you found shopping. Teller has wide ranging possibilities to get your shop on peruse The Teller, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Alexander Wang, Callula Lillibelle, and Molo Design. When you're in Teller find something nice at , or roll to for a more relaxed shopping jonez.


Teller, Alaska spa salon online

Why is a better to be a woman than a man, well it's just way cooler I mean you can rationalize spending a weeks pay on a purse, you never have to fix anything around the house, and people don't think you have an inflated ego if you drive an expensive sports car. Oh it's great to be a girl but, you gotta come correct whether you need an aromatherapy facial, soothing massage treatments, some hot extensions, or you want to relax a little and talk trash with the manicure girl. If you don't want your man to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. Not to worry. We've got all the hair, nails, and styling hook up's you need to be beautiful in Teller. Peruse all your options in the Teller, Alaska Spas and Salons Directory.


Teller, Alaska theater arts listing

Teller has a great selection of theatre productions closeby. Taking in the theatre is a great way to make your wife happy and the best part is its already in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Find local productions of the classics like As You Like It: As You Like It is the quintessential pastoral comedy, love, politics and cross-dressing intertwine to create a twisty, entertaining and funny tale as only Shakespeare can deliver. Or find local performances of entertaining musicals such as A Star Is Born. Check out the Teller, Alaska theatre and live performance directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.


Teller, Alaska thai food locate

Tired of Lean Cuisines? No problem, Teller Has lots of gnarly places to get your tastebuds to far away places. is a total choice mow or head to for more detailed eats or to find the tastiest fettucini surrounding Teller look into the Teller, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got awesome Mongolian beef or tubular thick pepperoni pies consider the karmic ramifications and add them to our directory.


Teller, Alaska zoo camel locate

The zoo is a great place for families, and with all the walking from the various attractions and exhibits it's an interesting way to get some exercise. Between running around looking for the exhibit and the Chinchilla attractions find a moment to stop for a photo with the zoo's bizarre and interesting animal guests. When you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Teller take in the haps , or for more fabulous zoos and gardens look into the Teller, Alaska zoo and gardens directory.

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About Teller

Teller is a city in Nome Census Area, Alaska, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 268. According to a 2009 estimate, the population had increased by exactly one person. It is situated on the southern half of the spit called Nook (or "Nooke") in Inupiaq, which separates Port Clarence (see also Port Clarence, Alaska) and Grantley Harbor, at the outlet of the Imuruk Basin.
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Teller, Alaska History

The Inupiat had a fishing camp called "Nook" 32 km (20 miles) south of Teller in the early 19th century. The 1825-28 Beechey expedition found three camps with a total of some 400 inhabitants and a winter camp site with burial grounds in a roughly 10-mile (15 km) radius around the later site of Teller on September 1, 1827.An expedition from the Western Union telegraph spent the winter at the present site of Teller in 1866 and 1867; they called it "Libbyville" or "Libby Station". When the United States Government introduced reindeer herding in Alaska, a reindeer station operated from 1892 to 1900 at a site near Teller. The station was named for United States Senator and …Read More
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Teller, Alaska Geography

Teller is located at (65.257294, -166.353807).Teller is located on a spit 116 km (72 miles) northwest of Nome on the Seward Peninsula.According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 2.1 square miles (5.5 km²), of which, 1.9 square miles (5.0 km²) of it is land and 0.2 square miles (0.5 km²) of it (9.00%) is water.
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