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Thinking about what there is to do in Tamarack? Here's an action packed itinerary for families. Tamarack has a unique assortment of historical markers and structures for everyone to explore. Bethelhem Lutheran Church, Potter/Casey Company Building, as well as Northern Pacific Depot, are worth looking into if you're into that sort of thing. Tamarack has a great selection of libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll discover a vast selection of genres like Classics, Historical Fiction, and Spirituality. Chill out and get your read ON at Jessie F Hallett Library. Spend some time at the library and soon you'll be discussing the merits of pricey first editions and musing upon the works of Charles Bukowski at the office water cooler.

Up the ante with a little excitement. Going bowling is a majestic sport of skill and precision. Call your friends and destroy some pins while enjoying some munchies at Southgate Bowl. Or maybe bowl your perfect game at Mc Gregor Lanes. Numerous family friendly amusements are proximate to Tamarack. Find mini golf or just want to get some vitamin D, the possibilities are huge. Pull the car around and have some fun, then blog about what a blast you had. Midway Bowling & Mini Golf is worth the relatively short drive, there's also Kendahl Miniature Golf or Paul Bunyan Land while you're in town.

Need some energy afterwards The surrounding area has a ton a places to get wired up on caffeine. Get out and experience some intersting flavors like Blueberry Cobbler Flavored Coffee, or a tasty Pocillo. Try out Cathy Cuisine Coffee, or Hawkeyes Coffee Shop. Time to unwind a little now. Like to find a nice place to hang and have some Corona's, or check out the scenery and get slightly bladdered when you're in Tamarack. Down something satisfying like a Cool Mint Frapp, or maybe a Topaz Sunrise. While in Tamarack we reccomend Jackson's Hole, Cuddler Enterprises Inc, or Cajun Queen Bar. This itinerary sucks, it's all good just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Tamarack, Minnesota miniature golf courses

A plethora of things to with the kids can be reached easily from Tamarack, Minnesota. If you want Mini Putt or would like fun ideas the opportunities are without end. It's on you now, get going and have fun getting there! When you're in Tamarack check out Midway Bowling & Mini Golf or bounce to Kendahl Miniature Golf for some insane fun.


Tamarack, Minnesota art galleries

Discover framing and a variety of art objects around Tamarack. Whether you are looking for mixed mediums or just like to drink in the atmosphere at some local galleries, you'll find a mixture of artsy places in Tamarack. Try NORD Lake Reflections or feel the artsy vibes at Brown Betty D Studio Gallery.


Tamarack, Minnesota Citywide bar wine

Like to bend an elbow while indulging in a few Martini's or take your girlfriend out and get slightly Newcastled while you're visiting Tamarack. Sample something tasty perhaps an Apricot Cooler, Sex On The Beach or perhaps a Chocolate Monkey. While in Tamarack hang out at Jackson's Hole, Cuddler Enterprises Inc or Cajun Queen Bar. To review all of the possibilities visit the Tamarack, Minnesota bar directory. Write about your fav's in the city's bar listings.

Buckhorn Bar
(218) 768-9921
105 Maddy St
Mcgregor, MN 55760

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Sportmans Bar
(218) 426-3647
20505 508th Ln
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Cuddler Enterprises Inc
(218) 426-3011
51866 224th Pl
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Jackson's Hole
(218) 768-2162
RR 2
Mcgregor, MN 55760

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota find bowling lane

Take some bros and devastate some pins while enjoying some cocktails at Southgate Bowl. Bowling is a blast and we've identified all the best places in Tamarack, just a mouse click away. Chill at Mc Gregor Lanes. Or to find other bowling options in the area visit the Tamarack, Minnesota bowling directory. Know a place that's a complete strike support our community and add it to our directory.

Mc Gregor Lanes
(218) 768-2345
Maddy Street
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Aitkin Lanes
(218) 927-6701
104 4th St NE
Aitkin, MN 56431

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Gamper's Food Liquor & Bowling
(218) 485-8272
600 Highway 61 South
Moose Lake, MN 55767

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Isle Bowling Lanes
(320) 676-8880
Highway 365 South
Isle, MN 56342

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota frozen yogurt find ice cream location

With constantly evolving new flavors going for ice cream is always a blast. Like to try some gourmet ice cream? We have a million ways for you to find your ice cream zen in Tamarack. Looking for the ultimate August Pie (Vanilla Ice Cream with Peaches, Nectarines & Red Raspberry Sauce) or perhaps some decadent strawberry we've got you taken care of. When your in Tamarack go to Cold Stone Creamery or fall by Owls N' Things. You know of a great place with superior frozen yogurt or the shreddin waffle cones? Tell us about it here and include it in the directory.


Tamarack, Minnesota coffee bar locate

Coffee is not as much a beverage choice as it is a lifestyle choice these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Finding the best place always makes it a better experience. Tamarack offers a number of great places to get your caffeine energy going. Discover new flavors like Chocolate Truffles Flavored Coffee or Jingle Bell Java Flavored Coffee. Try out Cathy Cuisine Coffee when you're in Tamarack. Have a favorite place to get your Dirty Chai? Tell your friends and write a review.


Tamarack, Minnesota diner dive food

There are lots of great places to try in Tamarack from fast food to gourmet cuisine there are many possibilities to satiate your tastebuds. Explore the Tamarack, Minnesota restaurant listings and find some great places to get your grub on. While you're visiting make a reservation at Horsehoe Lake Inn or sample some of the other local establishments like Buckhorn Bar or Bann's Bar & Restaurant.

Bann's Bar & Restaurant
(218) 426-3450
County Road 6
Mcgregor, MN 55760

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Eagle Point Lounge Inc
(218) 426-4257
P.O. BOX 139
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Horsehoe Lake Inn
(218) 426-3029
48493 Lily Ave
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Red Rock Fire & Grill LLC
(218) 426-5275
49463 202nd Pl
Mc Gregor, MN 55760

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Tamarack, Minnesota fairground locate

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you want to plan something this weekend the fairgrounds always have tons of pleasant diversions. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually tons of super fun things to do. From rides and attractions to gun shows and concerts the local fairgrounds near Tamarack are a great place to find local entertainment options. Get the kids in the car and go and see whats going on this weekend at Lake County Fair Grounds.


Tamarack, Minnesota fast food locate

Late night, low blood sugar? You're totally covered from breakfast to after hours grindage satisfy your cravings for something good in Tamarack. Hungry yet how about a good old Jack In The Box Sourdough Ultimate Cheeseburger or indulge in a nice McDonald's Deluxe Breakfast? Find the best reviewed fast food options close to Tamarack here in our directory. We recommend you check out Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers or bounce to Aitkin Subway. Buon appetito!

Aitkin Subway
145 Southgate Dr
Aitkin, MN 56431

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Subway Sandwiches & Salads
1500 Highway 33 S
Cloquet, MN 55720

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Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
1304 Highway 33 S
Cloquet, MN 55720

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Ogle's Foods
503 NW 4th St
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota Citywide golf swing

Why is golf more enjoyable than baseball or football? For starters pro golfers don't have bodyguards or entourages. Now that's settled so clean off your wedges put your clubs in the car and check out the well groomed championship courses and driving ranges close by Tamarack. Savanna Golf & Supper Club has some difficult links that are complemented by beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at Twenty Nine Pines Golf Course, check out the newest gear from Callaway or shave some strokes off your game with the new Mizuno MP-CLK Better-Player Hybrids when your done don't forget to stop by the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total albatross? Write a review!


Tamarack, Minnesota Citywide historical places buildings

While your in Tamarack reviewers recommend Bethelhem Lutheran Church, Potter/Casey Company Building, or stop by Northern Pacific Depot. Tamarack has a plethora of significant historical landmarks for students, teachers, and families to enjoy. Look into the Tamarack, Minnesota historical places directory to find more great historical places within minutes of Tamarack. Or browse the Minnesota historical places directory for important information on all of the historical places to see in Minnesota.


Tamarack, Minnesota Citywide library read

Why go to the library? Story times: There's nothing like hearing a good story read by someone who loves to read aloud. Libraries are terrific settings for story times which often include finger plays, games, songs, and crafts that can be learned and enjoyed again at home. revisiting the classics like King Lear to masterfully written newly emerging titles such as Broken by A.E. Rought. It's all at the library for free! Whether you're interested in Edgar Allan Poe or Tony Kushner, the Tamarack, Minnesota library directory has a multitude of great libraries and reading rooms. Whatever your interests are you'll discover an assortment of genres that include Horror, Self, Graphic, and Crime. impressing the ladies with your new found intellect while discussing the works of Donald Hall at the dinner table.


Tamarack, Minnesota museum locate

Tamarack offers an eclectic selection of museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Plan a trip to Judy Garland Children's Museum or plan a visit to Depot Museum. Going to the museum is a great opportunity to experience priceless works of art for very little money. Need another reason? Museums make you feel good. Need yet another reason to go? How about amazing impressionist paintings? Still don't know why you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Cool as it may be your prized collection of velvet clown paintings is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at Moose Lake Depot Museum.


Tamarack, Minnesota night life locate

It's 5 pm somewhere let's go all Michael Jackson at da club at the raging night spots in the party capitol of Tamarack. Watch the bartender as he regards you in befuddlement as you ask for your Butterscotch Delight and bust your crazy Bounce techniques at Riverside Pub. If security escorts you outside then check Denham Run Bar & Grill or wind down at Buckhorn Bar & Grill Be sure to tip your waiters and waitresses and go to Aitkin Subway for your post party munch. Know a nightclub that's solid? Show some love and add it to theThe Tamarack, Minnesota nightlife directory.

Buckhorn Bar & Grill
105 S Maddy St
Mcgregor, MN 55760

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Sportsmen's Bar
RR 3 Box 76
Mcgregor, MN 55760

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Denham Run Bar & Grill
87439 Denham Rd
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783

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Riverside Pub
224 2nd St NE
Aitkin, MN 56431

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota park listing

Tamarack has a wide variety of local city parks and recreational offerings for those who love the outdoors. Get the kids in the car and bounce to Grayling State Wildlife Management Area or maybe stop by McGregor Public Library and check out a copy of Brilliant by Rachel Vail, or something fun to read and enjoy some serenity at Salo Marsh State Wildlife Management Are. When you are staying in Tamarack reviewers suggest experiencing scenic paths at Kimberly State Wildlife Management Area.


Tamarack, Minnesota shopping mall online

You just lost a dress size and you don't have anything to do you don't need a reason, we get it. Shopping is always the right decision! Whether you're looking for daring designers such as H&M or want to brag to your friends about the cool designer Schacky And Jones item you found shopping. Tamarack is closeby lots of fun places to get your shop on look into The Tamarack, Minnesota shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Tadashi Shoji, Shrekahnth, and Kilian Kerner. When you're in Tamarack visit Ben Franklin, or roll to Wal-Mart Supercenter or get your retail therapy.

Ben Franklin
(218) 927-2914
206 Minnesota Ave N
Aitkin, MN 56431

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J C Penneys
(218) 485-4416
441 Arrowhead Ln
Moose Lake, MN 55767

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(218) 878-0737
1308 Highway 33 S
Cloquet, MN 55720

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Wal-Mart Supercenter
(218) 878-0737
1308 Highway 33 S
Cloquet, MN 55720

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota spa salon online

Why is a better to be a woman than a man, well it's just way cooler C'mon you can easily explain why a a mani/pedi budget is a neccesary thing, you smell better, and guys think you look good even without makeup or in sweats (really.) But all this comes with at a cost, and with some strings attached, don't trip you gotta look good whether you gotta get an exfoliating parrifen facial, soothing massage treatments, a cutting edge new haircut, or you just wanna get your nails done in a really trampy shade of red. The focus is on you. You need to look good so you can feel good and keep your game strong. Don't worry girl. We've got the connections you have to have to be your blinged out fabulous self in Tamarack. Peruse all your options in the Tamarack, Minnesota Salon Services Listings.

Wellness Directory Minnesota
(763) 689-9355
36644 Hastings St NE
Stanchfield, MN 55080

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Cost Cutters
(763) 689-2294
140 Buchanan St N
Cambridge, MN 55008

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Jamaica ME Tan
(763) 689-5330
211 Adams St S
Cambridge, MN 55008

Read Reviews, Map it!

Ye Olde Mug-N-Brush Barber
(763) 689-3822
142 2nd Ave SE
Cambridge, MN 55008

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota thearter arts find

Tamarack has a panoply of community theatre productions that are closely accessible. Taking in the theatre is a great first date and the best part is its already in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry: When a $10,000 life insurance check from the deceased Younger patriarch pops in the mail, his family finds itself entirely at odds over how they should spend it. Or find local productions of great musicals such as Cabaret. Check out the Tamarack, Minnesota theatre directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out County Seat Theater Company or Duluth Playhouse Conservatory when you're in town.

County Seat Theater Company
2185 County Road 61
Carlton, MN 55718

Read Reviews, Map it!

Myles REIF Performing Arts Center
720 Northwest 16 Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Read Reviews, Map it!

Midwest Country
300 Commercial Ave N
Sandstone, MN 55072

Read Reviews, Map it!

Saint Scholastica Theatre
Benedictine Circle
The College of St. Scholastica, Du

Read Reviews, Map it!

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota chinese food restaurant locate

Tired of meat and potatoes? No problem, Tamarack Has lots of bodacious places to get your tastebuds to far away places. Don Khanh Chinese for sure is a choice mow or get to Shamrock Pizza for all the details or to find the best sushi inside Tamarack check out the Tamarack, Minnesota world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got choice Tempura or tubular teriyaki shrimp consider the karmic ramifications and write them a boss review.

Dottie's Hometown Cafe
324 Northeast 4th Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Read Reviews, Map it!

Chaparral - Teddy's Pizza
19624 County Road 3
Brainerd, MN 56401

Read Reviews, Map it!

Shamrock Pizza
5825 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880

Read Reviews, Map it!

Charlie's Pizza
1006 Riverview Drive
Little Falls, MN 56345

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Tamarack, Minnesota
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Tamarack, Minnesota Citywide zoo alligator

You haven't been to the zoo in years right? So time to get back, and with all the walking from the various attractions and exhibits it's a fun way to get some exercise. Between running around looking for the King Cobra exhibit and the Lynx attractions find a moment for a family picture with the zoo's bizarre and interesting animal guests. While you're searching for some wild fun in Tamarack take in the grounds Conservation Park, or for more zoos and wild places check out the Tamarack, Minnesota zoo and botanical gardens directory.

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About Tamarack

Tamarack is a city in Aitkin County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 94 at the 2010 census. Minnesota State Highway 210 serves as a main route in the community.
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Tamarack, Minnesota Geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 3.6 square miles (9.3 km²), all of it land.

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