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Wanna find the top attractions in and around Oswego? Here's some ideas about how to best take it the town in like a local. Oswego has a multitude of great places to read. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a variety of genres including Young Adult, Mystery, and Travel. Check out a book or video at Fulton Public Library. Spend some time at the library and you'll soon be confidently talking to women while quoting the works of Elizabeth Spires at the office water cooler. The zoo is a family friendly way to get out and learn about the earth and our surroundings, with all the walking from exhibit to exhibit it's a great way to learn while getting some exercise. Check out Varden Conservation Area or try Buffalo Zoological Garden.

Up the ante with a little excitement. Boonville Fair Assn is not a bad drive and has a consistent roster of fun events. If the fair is not in town don't worry there's always super fun things to do. From midway attractions to gun shows and great live music the local fairgrounds near Oswego are great for finding kid friendly entertainment options. Get the kids in the car and go and see whats going on this weekend, but first check the Oswego Fair and Events Directory. A panoply of pleasant diversions are within reach of Oswego. If you want karting or are seeking something more extreme, the possibilities are collossal. Start looking and get everyone together and have some fun. Oswego Kartway is widely enjoyed by many, there's also Oswego Speedway or Tri-R Karts Super Golf while you're in town.

Need to re-energize afterwards Need to feed the beast? Go for late nite munchies and satisfy your cravings for some killer grinds at Burger King, or drop by Subway for something quicker. Enjoy! OK it's time to decompress now. Looking for a place to relax and have some brewski's, or take in some cocktail therapy and get slightly pist while in Oswego. Try something worldly perhaps a Ginger and Currant Fizz, or possibly a Stiletto. While in Oswego check in on the folks at Grill and Motel of New Haven, Salisburys Bar, or Billy Bobs. Don't like this itinerary, no problems bro just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Oswego, New York water parks in the us

Any number of family activities are withing reasonable distance of Oswego, New York. If you are looking for rides or are seeking something more extreme the opportunities are unlimited. Get in the car and get everyone together and have some fun. When you're in Oswego we recommend Oswego Kartway or bounce to Oswego Speedway for some fun.


Oswego, New York art gallery experience

Look for photography studios and a grip of fine art within reach of Oswego. Whether you are looking for Realism Arts or just want to enjoy the vibe at some area galleries, you'll find a variety of pleasant artsy diversions in Oswego. Try DT Studios Photography or see something artful at Abbott's Lake Country Studio.


Oswego, New York bar drinks beverages

Like to find a nice place to hang while indulging in some glasses of wine or throw caution to the wind and get slightly pist while visiting Oswego. Enjoy something different like a Millionairess, Kangaroo or possibly a Long Island Tea. While in Oswego make some new friends at Grill and Motel of New Haven, Salisburys Bar or Billy Bobs. For more varied options visit the Oswego, New York bar directory. Find out what others think about your fav's in the citywide bar directory.


Oswego, New York Citywide bowling pins

Call some friends and show your pin crushing skills while enjoying the fun at Marcel's Pinarama Bowl. Bowling is a great way to be active and we've got the best lanes in Oswego, right here. Go to Tierra Lanes. Or for a more comprehensive list of bowling alleys in the area visit the Oswego, New York bowling directory. Been to a place that is a real 300 game support our community and include it in our directory.

Marcel's Pinarama Bowl
(315) 343-4611
State Route 104 East
Oswego, NY 13126

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Tierra Lanes
(315) 963-7995
5863 Scenic Ave
Mexico, NY 13114

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Pulaski Bowling Center
(315) 298-5958
4799 Salina St
Pulaski, NY 13142

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Green Acres Bowling
(315) 668-7715
Route 49 East
Central Square, NY 13036

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Oswego, New York
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Oswego, New York ice cream directory find frozen yogurt

Get in the car and get some ice cream. Like to try some gourmet ice cream? We have lots of ways for you to get your brain freeze on in Oswego. Looking for the tastiest Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin Flavored Ice Cream with Pie Pieces) or some decadent strawberry we've got you covered. While you're hanging out in Oswego go to Taylor Marie's Ice Cream Parlor or fall by Sweet Inspirations Inc. You know of a great place with sublime banana splits or the awesomest birthday cake ice cream? Tell the world about it here and include it in the listings.


Oswego, New York coffee shop directory

Where you get your coffee tells people a lot about you and your lifestyle. The choices for flavors and blends change and evolve all the time. Hooking up with the right barista ensures a quality experience. Oswego has a number of great places to get caffeinated. Try some new specialty flavors like N'Orleans Coco Rum Flavored Coffee or Chocolate Fudge Flavored Coffee. Stop at Dunkin Donuts when you're in Oswego. Have a favorite place to get your Macchiato? Add it to our directory.

Cold Springs Coffee Roasters Ltd
(413) 458-5010

Williamstown, MA 01267

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Dunkin Donuts
(413) 458-1877
361 Main St
Williamstown, MA 01267

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Dunkin Donuts
(413) 458-1877
361 Main St
Williamstown, MA 01267

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Dunkin Donuts
(413) 499-9288
480 W Housatonic St
Pittsfield, MA 01201

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Oswego, New York
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Oswego, New York diner dive meal

Many restaurant choices abound in Oswego from Chinese to gourmet cuisine there are diverse choices to satisfy your tastebuds. Peruse the Oswego, New York restaurant listings and find some great places to take in some calories. While you're in town locals reccommend Kerfien's Fish Fry or sample some of the other local eateries like Grill and Motel of New Haven or Coffee at Lauri's Family Diner.


Oswego, New York fairground games

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you're looking for something to do this weekend the fairgrounds always have tons of pleasant diversions. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of cool things to do. From livestock auctions to collectible events and monster trucks the local fairgrounds near Oswego are a great place to find family stuff to do. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going on at Boonville Fair Assn.


Oswego, New York fast food fries

Need to feed the beast? You're totally covered from Mc Muffins to late nite munchies satisfy your cravings for something fried in Oswego. Feeling hungry how about a good old Carl's Jr. Bacon Cheese Six Dollar Burger or maybe a tasty Hardee's Grilled Sourdough Thickburger? Locate all the fast food choices in Oswego here in the Citywide Information fast food directory. Reviewers recommend you get to Burger King or cruise to Subway. Buon appetito!

255 W Seneca St Ste 2
Oswego, NY 13126

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Oswego Bagelry & Sandwich Shop
205 W 1st St
Oswego, NY 13126

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Burger King
187 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126

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240 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126

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Oswego, New York
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Oswego, New York Citywide golf course

Why is golf better than baseball or football? Well for starters George Steinbrenner doesn't have a team on the PGA Tour. Now that's settled so dust off your irons get your clubs in the car and check out the well groomed municipal courses and driving ranges easily accessible to Oswego. Battle Island State Golf Course has some intimidating obstacles that are complemented by beautiful grounds. Or head to the pro shop at Oswego Country Club The, check out the cool gear from Taylormade or shave some points off your game with the new Titleist Scotty Cameron California Coronado Blade Putters when your done don't forget to stop by the 19th hole Know of a course that's a complete eagle? Write a review in our listings.


Oswego, New York Citywide historical finds

For an interesting day in Oswego we recommend you get to Oswego City Hall, U.S. Customhouse, or Sheldon Hall. Oswego has a dozen or more interesting historical markers and structures for local history buffs to enjoy. Look into the Oswego, New York historical places directory to find more great historical places right near Oswego. Or browse the New York historical places listings for comprehensive information on all of the historical stuff to do when you're in New York.


Oswego, New York public library locate

Why do I wanna go to the library? Workshops: Many libraries offer workshops that can help enrich your life as an adult and support you as a parent. At many libraries, it is possible to learn to knit, prepare your taxes, update your resume, gain computer skills, or improve your parenting skills. the classics like The Aspern Papers to masterful newly emerging reads like Black Site: A Delta Force Novel by Dalton Fury. It's all at the library for free! Whether your looking for Edgar Allan Poe or Geoffrey Wolff, the Oswego, New York library directory has lots of great libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a vast selection of genres including Self, Classics, Sports, and Horror. confidently talking to women while discussing the works of Susan Stewart at social gatherings.


Oswego, New York museum travel

Oswego offers an eclectic selection of museums and galleries to families and children interested in the arts. While in town get to Linsley Geology Museum or stop at Frank L Baum-Oz Museum. Going to museums makes you smarter. Need another reason? Museums provide an effective way of learning. Still need more? How about beautiful sculptures? Still not sure if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Strictly speaking your Dilbert poster is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at Salt Museum.


Oswego, New York Citywide nightspot drinks

You don't have anyone to explain it to so why not get our freak on the dancefloor at the many nightspots inside Oswego. The crowd will stare in bewilderment while you order your first Cassis Tini and impress the crowd with your crazy Clown Walk techniques at Nuthouse. If you get thrown out check Ancient Order of Hibernians or try your desperate pick up lines at Main Street Bar Make sure you tip everyone and get to Subway for some much needed sustinance. Know a club that's just crazy fun? Tell the party people and add it to theThe Oswego, New York nightlife directory.


Oswego, New York park locate

Oswego has a wide variety of local county parks and recreational areas for everyone. Get the dog's leash and head to Fitzhugh Park or maybe stop by Fair Haven Public Library and pick up a copy of Broken by A.E. Rought, or some more casual stuff and enjoy a great book and the scenery at Washington Square. When you are in Oswego reviewers advise experiencing lush greenery at Franklin Park.


Oswego, New York shopping mall directory

It's Wednesay and you deserve to indulge yourself a little you don't need a reason, we got you. Shopping is my therapy too. Whether you're looking for huge designers such as Alexandra Kiesel or want to tell your girlfriends about the cool designer Kopenhagen Fur stuff you found shopping. Oswego has lots of choices to get your shop on look into The Oswego, New York shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Suzabelle, Max Azria, and Sustainable Show. When you're in Oswego find something nice at Wal-Mart, or roll to Wise Buy Stores Inc or get your retail therapy.

J C Penneys
(315) 342-4080
140 State Route 104 # A
Oswego, NY 13126

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341 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126

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J C Penneys
(315) 598-1363
Pyramid Mall
Fulton, NY 13069

Read Reviews, Map it!

2078 State Route 481
Fulton, NY 13069

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Oswego, New York
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Oswego, New York spa salon listing

Oh the benefits of being a woman it's totally easier C'mon you never have to fix the sprinklers, your friends won't boast about how great their relationships are, especially their sexual relationships, when you're single, and you can get out of speeding tickets. Oh the benefits of being a woman but, you gotta take care of yourself whether you gotta get a lavender infused facial detox mask treatment, calming massage treatments, a cutting edge new haircut, or your feet look like you just left Gilligans Island. Looking good means feeling good, and you must always stay on your game. It's no problem. We've got your personal appearance hook up to stay beautiful in Oswego. Check all the details in the Oswego, New York Salon Services Listings.


Oswego, New York theater arts directory

Oswego has an assortment of community theatre offerings within minutes of the city center. Taking in the theatre is a great way to expand your horizons and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like Macbeth: At the urging of his sinister wife, Macbeth schemes to usurp the throne of Scotland by any means necessary. Or find local performances of great musicals like The King and I. Check out the Oswego, New York theatre and arts directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out Kallet-State Theatre or Kallet Theatre when you're in town.


Oswego, New York italian restaurant directory

Tired of Top Ramen? No worries bro, Oswego Has lots of killer places to get your world flavors groove on. Pizza Hut is a total tasty possibility or take your spicy cravings to Red's Palermo Pizzeria for all the details or to find the best subs within Oswego check out the Oswego, New York world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got choice Won Tons or grindable fajitas support them and write them a nice review.


Oswego, New York zoo camel locate

Plan a day at the zoo and everyone is sure to have a wonderful time, and with all the walking around it's a fun time and you'll get some exercise too. Between running around searching for the Wild Boar exhibit and the Birds attractions find a moment to stop for a photo with the zoo's many animal guests. While you're looking for some fun on the wild side in Oswego take in the happenings Varden Conservation Area, or for more zoos and wild places browse the Oswego, New York zoo and botanical gardens directory.

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About Oswego

Oswego is a city in Oswego County, New York, United States. The population was 18,096 at the 2000 census. The 2005 population estimate for the city of Oswego is 17,705. Oswego is located on Lake Ontario in north-central New York and promotes itself as "The Port City of Central New York". It is the county seat of Oswego County. The city of Oswego is bordered by the towns of Oswego, Minetto, and Scriba to the west, south, and east, respectively, and by Lake Ontario to the north. Oswego lies within the Syracuse Metropolitan Statistical Area Oswego Speedway is a nationally-known automobile racing facility. The State University of New York at Oswego is located just outside the …Read More
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Oswego, New York Geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 11.2 square miles (29.1 km2), of which, 7.7 square miles (19.8 km2) of it is land and 3.6 square miles (9.2 km2) of it (31.76%) is water.Oswego is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Oswego River, about 35 miles north of Syracuse, New York and 68 miles east of Rochester, New York.New York State Route 481 (from Interstate 81) runs north/south to Oswego from Syracuse and Fulton. New York State Route 104 runs east/west from Rochester to Oswego. The nearest city is Fulton, located south of Oswego and north of Syracuse.As Oswego is located on the eastern shore of …Read More
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Oswego, New York Attractions

Oswego has a long history stretching back to the 15th century. Visitors can learn about the city's history by visiting museums such as the H. Lee White Marine Museum, The Richardson-Bates House, and Fort Ontario. Throughout the city and public parks, many historical monuments can be found honoring historical figures, and other forts that stood in what is now the historical district. The city includes a number of sites on the National Register of Historic Places including the Market House, Oswego Armory, Oswego City Hall, Oswego City Library, Oswego County Courthouse, Oswego Yacht Club, Tanner Block, and U.S. Customhouse.The most notable historian was Rosemary Nesbitt, …Read More
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