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Want to kill some time in Novato? Here's some ideas about how to experience the town. Novato has a great selection of libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll discover a great selection of genres including Children's, Humor And Comedy, and Suspense. It's free and closeby, so hit up San Geronimo Valley Branch Marin County . Spend a little time at the library and you'll soon be making everyone feel stupid with your new found intellect while quoting the works of Paul Hoover at cocktail parties. You haven't been to the zoo since the kids were little right? So time to get back, and with all the walking you'll find it's a great way to take in some exercise as well. Dont miss Steinhart Aquarium or try San Francisco Zoological Gardens.

Up the ante with a little excitement. A veritable cornucopia of fun activities are accessible to Novato. If you like rides or want to plan a family day, the possibilities are far reaching. Start looking and have a great experience. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is widely enjoyed by many, you can also look into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or Santa Rosa while you're in town. Going bowling is a great leisure activity. Get the family together and show your pin crushing skills while enjoying some cocktails at Amf Valle Vista Bowl. Or maybe get your BOWL ON at Nave Lanes.

Need to re-energize after all this The city offers a bunch of great places to get your eyes opened, and your day started off right. Get out and experience some intersting flavors like Toasted Marshmallow Cream Flavored Coffee, or a tasty Frappuccino. Stop at , or take a break at . In the evening you can relax a little. Like to bend an elbow and enjoy a sufficient number of adult beverages, or find the best place to get happily glassy eyed while in Novato. Enjoy something delicious maybe a Bourbon Stone Martini, or perhaps a Showbiz. While in Novato visit Moylan's Brewery & Restaurant, Bit-A-Honey, or Viking Cocktail Lounge. Wanna try a different itinerary, no worries just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Novato, California Citywide amusement fun

Numerous fun activities are accessible to Novato, California. Whether you like aquariums or want to plan an outing the potential experiences are incalculable. Get going and enjoy the day, then blog about this great directory. When you're in Novato check out Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or bounce to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for some insane fun.


Novato, California art gallery experience

Find framing and a bunch of artistic offerings right under your nose in Novato. Whether you are looking for Illustration Art or just like to drink in the scene at some area galleries, you'll find a variety of artsy possibilities in Novato. Try Art Abloom Studio & Gallery or see something artful at Acacia Gallery.

Ben Franklin Crafts
(415) 897-2231
136 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945

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Artists Palette
(415) 892-7757
1557 South Novato Boulevard#A
Novato, CA 94947

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Indian Valley Artist Inc
(415) 506-0137
781 Hamilton Parkway
Novato, CA 94949

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Acacia Gallery
(415) 479-3238
4162 Redwood Highway
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Novato, California
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Novato, California bar pub drinks

Tons of places to hang and enjoy numerous cocktails or maybe just get way ruined while you're in Novato. Discover something tasty perhaps a Ninja Turtle, Set The Juice Loose or possibly a Green Delight. While in Novato hang out at Moylan's Brewery & Restaurant, Bit-A-Honey or Viking Cocktail Lounge. To look at all the options look at the Novato, California bar directory. Tweet your favorite hangs in the citywide bar directory.


Novato, California Citywide bowling alley

Tell everyone to get out and roll over some pins while enjoying some fried food at Amf Valle Vista Bowl. Bowling is a majestic sport of skill and precision and we've identified all the best places in Novato, right here. Cruise by Nave Lanes. Or for a more comprehensive list of bowling alleys in the area visit the Novato, California bowling directory. Know a place that's a real turkey support our community and include it in our directory.

Nave Lanes
(415) 883-7834
5800 Nave Dr
Novato, CA 94949

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Boulevard Bowl
(707) 762-4581
1100 Petaluma Blvd S
Petaluma, CA 94952

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Pinole Valley Lanes
(510) 724-9130
1580 Pinole Valley Rd
Pinole, CA 94564

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Amf Valle Vista Bowl
(707) 553-2200
3345 Sonoma Blvd
Vallejo, CA 94590

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Novato, California
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Novato, California ice cream directory find frozen yogurt

Ice cream is great for everyone. First date, afternoon treat, or decadent dessert everyone likes ice cream. Want to get chill and hit that sweet tooth? We have thousands of ways for you to find your ice cream zen in Novato. Looking for the best WPSU Coffee Break (Coffee Flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips) or simply some subllime vanilla we've got it handled. If you're in Novato drop in at Double Rainbow Cafe or drive by Fairfax Scoop. Have a favorite place with perfect frozen yogurt or the most awesome frozen delights? Review it here or add it to our listings.


Novato, California coffee bean find

Don't get your coffee at the gas station. It's not cool, and coffee is sorta cool these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Finding the best place always makes it a better experience. Novato has a ton a places to get wired up on caffeine. Try some new specialty flavors like Amaretto Supreme Flavored Coffee or Peaches and Cream Flavored Coffee. We recommend you check out when you're in Novato. Know of a place that serves the best Doppio? Tell your friends and write a review.


Novato, California Citywide diner dive service

Restaurant choices abound in Novato from fast food to four star dining there are wide ranging opportunities to fulfill your culinary cravings. Peruse the Novato, California restaurant listings and find some great places to take in some calories. While you're visiting be sure to check out Grazie Cafe or try out some of the other local eateries like Kitchen at 868 Grant Ave or Mgcc Events.


Novato, California fairground locate

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you want to plan something for the family the fairgrounds always have tons of pleasant diversions. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of cool things to do. From livestock auctions to home shows and monster trucks the local fairgrounds near Novato are great for finding a nice way to get out of the house. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going on at Solano County Fairgrounds.


Novato, California fast food fries

Need to feed? We've got you covered from greasy early morning eye openers to late nite munchies satisfy your cravings for something fried in Novato. Are you hungry yet how about a good old Jack In The Box Sirloin Steak 'n' Cheddar Ciabatta or perchance a satisfying Arby's Onion Petals? Find all the best fast food options around Novato here in the Citywide Information fast food listings. Reviewers recommend you get to Taco Bell or bounce to Belli Deli. Buon appetito!

Taco Bell
930 7th St
Novato, CA 94945

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La Hacienda Taqueria
1401 Grant Ave
Novato, CA 94945

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Rossi's Black Point
5 Harbor Dr
Novato, CA 94945

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Belli Deli
1530 Armstrong Ave
Novato, CA 94945

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Novato, California golf course online

Why is golf better than baseball or football? For starters pro golfers don't try to renegotiate their earnings. Now that's settled so clean off your drivers get your clubs in the car and check out the amazing championship courses and driving ranges easily accessible to Novato. San Geronimo Golf Club has some challenging bunkers that are complemented by beautiful grounds. Or drop by the pro shop at StoneTree Golf Club, check out the newest gear from Taylormade or shave some points off your game with the new Odyssey White Ice Mini T High-MOI Mallet Putters end your golf day with a trip to the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total eagle? Add it to our directory.

StoneTree Golf Club
(415) 209-6090
9 Stonetree Ln
Novato, CA 94945

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Indian Valley Golf Club
(415) 897-1118
3035 Novato Blvd
Novato, CA 94947

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Marin Country Club
(415) 382-6700
500 Country Club Dr
Novato, CA 94949

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McInnis Park Golf Center
(415) 492-1800
350 Smith Ranch Rd
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Novato, California
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Novato, California Citywide historical locations

Check out some history while you're in Novato get to Hamilton Army Air Field Discontiguous Hi, Fashion Shop and Stephen Porcella House, or stop by Rancho Olompali. Novato has a fantastic selection of historical landmarks for teachers and students to enjoy. Look into the Novato, California historical places directory to find more great historical places right near Novato. Or browse the California historical places listings for complete statewide information on all of the historical places to see in California.


Novato, California library listing

Why should I go to the library? Great excursion for kids: Many of the free programs are kid- and family-friendly, and the library is a great place for a field trip. Spark the love of reading early on by getting your kid a library card, and he'll be excited to be able to choose any book to bring home. Borrowing and returning books also creates and teaches kids a sense of responsibility. the classics like Kim to upright newly emerged works such as Paradise by Jon Fore. It's all at the library for free! Whether you're interested in Charles Dickens or Jhumpa Lahiri, the Novato, California library directory has lots of great libraries. Wherever your interests lie you'll discover a multitude of genres including Contemporary, Biography, Y/A, and Horror. making everyone feel stupid with your new found intellect while expounding on the works of Gregory Corso at cocktail parties.


Novato, California museum art

Novato offers a unique assortment of museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Plan a trip to Point Richmond Historical Society Museum or get a ticket to Marin Museum of the American Indian. Going to the museum is a great way to kill an afternoon. Need another reason? Cool mummies Still not convinced? How about though provoking renaissance paintings? Still not sure if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Don't take this the wrong way but your prized collection of velvet clown paintings is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at Depot Park Museum.


Novato, California night life online

It's time to party so why not freak on the dance floor at the ragin nightspots with the party crowd in Novato. The crowd will stare in quizzical admiration while you purchase your first Green Eyes and bust your dope Fruggin techniques at Meadow Club Maintenance Shop. Later bounce to Shannon's Bar & Grill or downshift to cruise mode at De Borba's Cocktail Lounge Make sure to delete all incriminating cell phone pictures and get to Belli Deli for some after hours grindage. Know a nightclub that's just crazy fun? Be cool and add it to theThe Novato, California nightlife directory.


Novato, California Citywide park relax

Novato has a diverse array of local county parks and recreational opportunities for everyone. Get your walking shoes on and bounce to Hamann Field or maybe stop by Civic Center Regional Library Marin Coun and borrow a copy of Gorgeous by Rachel Vail, or another good book and enjoy the solitude and tranquil setting at Olive Park. While you're in Novato those in the know always suggest taking in the pleasant surroundings at Stafford Grove Park.


Novato, California shopping mall listing

You just lost a dress size and you need to indulge yourself you don't need a reason, we got you. Everyday should be a shopping day! Whether you're looking for huge designers like Max Mara or want to tell your girlfriends about the bomb designer Nabrman item you found shopping. Novato has lots of options to satisfy your shopping needs peruse The Novato, California shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium shops and merchandise from Aativijay Gupta, Azadeh Zandi, Fam Irvoll, and Fatma Mehdi Al Majid. When you're in Novato find something nice at Macy's, or get to Pier 1 Imports for a more relaxed shopping jonez.

(415) 892-7322
204 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945

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(415) 892-3313
200 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945

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(415) 899-1330
300 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945

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Pier 1 Imports
(415) 897-4460
108 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945

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Novato, California
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Novato, California spas salons

Why is a better to be a girl than a guy, well it's totally easier I mean you can easily explain why a a mani/pedi budget is a neccesary thing, you can put up with small children, if fact, you enjoy them, and when you get back from a date, your friends don't ask if you Ô??scored' or not. But all this comes at a price, you gotta come correct whether you're needing waxing treatments, fitness instruction, a totally new hair color, or you need to take a little power nap while you're getting your nails done. If you don't want your boyfriend to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. It's all good. We've got your personal appearance hook up to be beautiful in Novato. Review all your options in the Novato, California Spas and Salons Listings.


Novato, California thearter arts find

Novato has a wide spanning number of local theatre offerings closeby. Taking in the theatre is a fantastic cultural opportunity and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like Our Town by Thornton Wilder: Thornton Wilder's enduring drama explores the everyday lives of average small-town Americans in the first three decades of the 20th Century. Or find local interpretations of great musicals like 42nd Street. Check out the Novato, California theatre and entertainment directory for details. We recommend you check out Mystic Theatre or Phoenix Theatre when you're in town.


Novato, California mexican restaurant listing

Tired of meat and potatoes? No problemo bro, Novato has an abundance of tasty places to get your world flavors groove on. Novato Days Inn - Garden Court Restauran usually is a tasty possibility or plan some additional exercise in the morning and check out Little Caesars Pizza Pizza for more detailed information or to find the greatest Chow Mein around Novato look into the Novato, California world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got awesome Tempura or grindable tofu burgers consider of all the good karma you'll get and write them a killer review.


Novato, California zoo aviary locate

Plan a day at the zoo and everyone is assured a great day, and with all the walking from the various attractions and exhibits you'll find it's a great way to take in some exercise as well. Between running around looking for the Lemur enclosure and the Rhea attractions find a moment for a family photo op with the zoo's many picturesque surroundings. When you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Novato check out the schedule Steinhart Aquarium, or for more fabulous zoos and gardens peruse the Novato, California zoo and gardens directory.

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About Novato

Novato is a city located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern Marin County. Novato is located about north-northwest of San Rafael, at an elevation of 30 feet above sea level (nine meters). As of 2009, the State of California estimated the city population to be about 52,737. Novato is about north of San Francisco on U.S. 101.
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Novato, California History

What is now Novato was originally the site of several Coast Miwok villages: Chokeche, near downtown Novato, Puyuku, near Ignacio, and Olompali, at the present Olompali State Historic Park.In 1839 the Mexican government granted the Rancho Novato to Fernando Feliz. The rancho was named after a local Miwok leader who had probably been given the name of Saint Novatus at his baptism. Subsequently four additional land grants were made in the area; Rancho Corte Madera de Novato to John Martin in 1839, Rancho San Jose to Ignacio Pacheco in 1840, Rancho Olompali awarded in 1843 to Camilo Ynitia, son of a Coast Miwok chief, and Rancho Nicasio, by far the largest at, awarded to Pablo …Read More
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Novato, California Geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 73.2 km² (28.3 mi²). 71.7 km² (27.7 mi²) of it is land and 1.4 km² (0.6 mi²) of it (1.95%) is water.Major geographical features nearby include Mount Burdell to the north and Big Rock Ridge to the southwest. Stafford Lake to the west is a secondary water supply for Novato, with the Russian River in Sonoma County to the north supplying most of the city's water.

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Novato Community Hospital -

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Marion Avenue School - Olive Elementary School - Nova Education Center Independent Study - Hill Middle School - North Bay Christian Academy - Our Lady of Loretto School - Rancho Elementary School - Lu Sutton Elementary School - Montessori School of Novato - Marin Oaks High School - Novato High School - Novato Seventh Day Adventist Christian S - Marin Christian Academy - Lynwood Elementary School - West Novato School - Sinaloa Middle School - Good Shepherd Lutheran School - San Ramon Elementary School - San Jose Middle School - College of Marin - Indian Valley Campus - College of the Social and Behavior Scien - College of the Natural and Physical Envi - Black Point School (historical) - College of the Arts and Humanities - San Marin High School - Pleasant Valley Elementary School - Pacheco School - Loma Verde School - San Jose School (historical) -
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