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    Top 10 Things To Do In Noorvik, Alaska

    Wanna find killer stuff to do in Noorvik? Here's some ideas about how to take in the local vibe. Noorvik has a number of great library offerings closeby. Wherever your interests lie you'll find a great selection of genres like Fantasy, Graphic Novels, and Romance. Check out a book or video at . Spend some time at the library and soon you'll be showing off your massive intellect and expounding on the poetry of Charles Bukowski at parties. Though you may love it that painting you found by the dumpster is not art. So why not go a little upscale and see what's up at . Going to the museum promotes creativity and intellectual curiosity, so you might want to stop at , or .

    Try something more exciting. Noorvik has a bunch of awesome local county parks and recreational opportunities for you. Pack a lunch and check out Noatak National Monument or maybe stop by and pick up a copy of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, or another good read and enjoy a great book under the trees at Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. When you are staying in Noorvik those in the know advise experiencing beautiful scenery at Kobuk Valley National Park. Bowling is a hoot. Call your friends and blow up some pins and enjoy yourself at . Or bowl your perfect game at .

    Need to re-energize afterwards Are you about to pass out cause you're so hungry? Go for late night drive carnage and satisfy your cravings for something good at , or get your mow on at for immediate gratification. Buen provecho! Time to decompress now. Find a cool local hang while indulging in some drinks, or forget about caution and get super wrecked during your trip to Noorvik. Try something somewhat interesting perhaps a Fruity Treat, or possibly a Vodka Martini (Naked). While in Noorvik we can reccomend Breakers Bar, Polar Bar & Liquor Store, or Board Of Trade Office. This itinerary sucks, no problemo just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary
    Noorvik, Alaska amusement parks
    Various and sundry things to do with the family are within reach of Noorvik, Alaska. If you are looking for Mini Putt or want to plan a day with the kids the possibilities are infinite. Enjoy the attractions and have some fun, then blog about what a blast you had. When you're in Noorvik try out or roll over to for some good times.
    Noorvik, Alaska art gallery travel
    Uncover galleries and a plethora of artistic implements closeby Noorvik. Whether you are looking for Abstract Painting Style or just want to enjoy the scenery at some local galleries, you'll find a mixture of inspired ways to spend the day in in Noorvik. Try or see something artful at .
    Noorvik, Alaska bar drinks beverages
    Like to find a nice place to hang while enjoying some cocktails or meet some new people and get totally warm and happy while you're visiting Noorvik. Taste something subtle like a Chocolate Full Moon, Hoopla or maybe a Viva Passo. While in Noorvik cruise by Breakers Bar, Polar Bar & Liquor Store or Board Of Trade Office. For other bars review the Noorvik, Alaska bar directory. Read reviews or add your best places in the city's bar listings.
    Noorvik, Alaska Citywide bowling alley
    Tell everyone to get out and throw some strikes while enjoying some brews at . Bowling is a hoot and we've located the best lanes in Noorvik, just a mouse click away. Cruise by . Or for additional listings click on the Noorvik, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real strike support our community and write a review.
    Noorvik, Alaska frozen yogurt location ice cream find
    Going out for ice cream is a blast. Like to find something cool and tasty? We have lots of ways to get your ice cream fix in Noorvik. Locate the ultimate Toasted Almond (Butter Almond Flavored Ice Cream with Butter Roasted Almonds) or perhaps some flavorful strawberry we've got your back. While you're hanging out in Noorvik stop in at or drive by . You know of a great place with delightful malts and shakes or totally killer waffle cones? Let us know here or add it to our directory.
    Noorvik, Alaska coffee bar coffee shop
    Coffee is not as much a beverage choice as it is a lifestyle choice these days. The choices for flavors and blends change and evolve all the time. Finding the right place makes the experience complete. Noorvik has a dozen of great places to get caffeinated. Discover new flavors like Cherry Nut Cream Flavored Coffee or Jazzy Java Flavored Coffee. Stop at when you're in Noorvik. Have a favorite place to get your Coffee milk? Tell your friends and write a review.
    Noorvik, Alaska diners drive ins and dives
    Restaurant choices abound in Noorvik from tasty barbecue to five star dining there are many choices to indulge your pallette. Peruse the Noorvik, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to get your grub on. While you're in town we recommend you stop by Arctic Blue Espresso & Gifts or try out some of the other local institutions like Empress Chinese Restaurant or Bayside Restaurant.
    Noorvik, Alaska fairground find
    The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you want to plan something this weekend the fairgrounds always have tons of pleasant diversions. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually alot of economical family things to do. From rides and attractions to gun shows and livestock exhibitions the local fairgrounds near Noorvik are cool for finding stuff do do. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going on at .
    Noorvik, Alaska fast food directory
    Need an energy boost that can only be provided by readily accessible yet highly processed food? We've got you covered from greasy early morning eye openers to late night drive thru's satisfy your cravings for something fried in Noorvik. Hungry yet how about a good old Burger King WHOPPER Sandwich with Cheese or a satisfying Boston Market Boston Turkey Dip Carver? Find all the best fast food options in Noorvik here in the Citywide Information fast food listings. Reviewers recommend you get to or drop into . Bon appetit!
    Noorvik, Alaska golf course directory
    Why is golf more pleasureable than baseball or football? Perhaps because pro golfers don't try to renegotiate their earnings. Now that's settled so get out your drivers put your clubs in the car and check out the immaculate private courses and driving ranges around Noorvik. has some stimulating obstacles which are complimented by fantastic scenery. Or head to the pro shop at , check out the newest gear from Callaway or shave some points off your game with the new Mizuno MP-58 Better-Player Irons when your done bounce to the 19th hole Know of a course that's a complete albatross? Tell others add it to our directory.
    Noorvik, Alaska Citywide historical finds
    While you are staying in Noorvik locals recommend Pilgrim Hot Springs, Onion Portage Archeological District, or stop by Teller Mission Orphanage. Noorvik has tons of important historical settings for families to enjoy. Look into the Noorvik, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places easily reached from Noorvik. Or browse the Alaska historical places directory for statewide information on all of the historical places to see in Alaska.
    Noorvik, Alaska public library locate
    Why go to the library? Music: Want to introduce your children to Beethoven or the Beatles or new children's songs? Check to see if your library has a collection of music on CD. mastering the classics such as Little Lord Fauntleroy to brilliant and relatively new novels such as The Cutting Season by Attica Locke. It's all at the library for free! Whether you want William Makepeace Thackeray or Susan Minot, the Noorvik, Alaska library directory has lots of great libraries. Whatever your interests are you'll discover a variety of genres like Travel, Self, Sports, and Spirituality. impressing everyone with your huge brain while bloviating about poets like Charles Bukowski at really hip parties.
    Noorvik, Alaska museum online
    Noorvik offers multiple museums and galleries to art lovers looking to expand their horizons. Check out or check the events schedule at . Going to the museum is great fun. Need another reason? Museums are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Still need more? How about brilliant sculptures? Still don't know if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Though you may love it your Nascar poster is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at .
    Noorvik, Alaska nightclubs2
    Another night with your X Box and the bros is gonna be a sausage fest so let's get our dance on at the nightclubs in the total party city of Noorvik. The crowd will stare in confusion while you drink your fourth Chocolate Chip Cookie and bust your sweet C - Walk techniques at . If you get thrown out designate a driver and hit up or relax at Make sure you tip everyone and stop for some Rolaids before you hit up to re-energize with some late night grub. Know a nightclub that's off the chain? Give em their props and add it theThe Noorvik, Alaska nightlife directory.
    Noorvik, Alaska Citywide parks hike
    Noorvik has multiple local county parks and great recreational areas for families. Make your dog's day, get his leash on and visit Noatak National Monument or maybe stop by and check out a copy of Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh, or another enjoyable novel and enjoy a great book under the trees at Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. While you're in Noorvik those in the know recommend taking in the lush greenery at Kobuk Valley National Park.
    Noorvik, Alaska shopping mall find
    It's Wednesay and you want to spoil yourself a little you don't need a reason, we got you. It's always time to shop! Whether you're looking for established designers such as Anna Sui or want to brag to your friends about the exclusive designer Greenshowroom stuff you found shopping. Noorvik has lots of options to get your shop on peruse The Noorvik, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with boutiques and merchandise from Abdul Halder, Emanuel Ungaro, Dr. Denim, and St. John. When you're in Noorvik visit , or get to for something more casual find great sale stuff.
    Noorvik, Alaska spa salon locate
    Its way better to be a woman it's just way cooler C'mon you can easily rationalize spending a weeks pay on a purse, you can put up with small children, if fact, you enjoy them, and you never have to put air in your own tires. Oh it's great to be a woman but, you gotta look good out there you cant get caught trippin whether you gotta get eyebrow threading, calming massage treatments, some attention getting tints or highlights, or you want to take a catnap while your getting your nails done. Looking good means feeling good, and you gotta stay focused on the long game. It's all good. We've got all the hair, nails, and styling hook up's you need to be fabulous in Noorvik. Check all the details in the Noorvik, Alaska Spas and Salons Listings.
    Noorvik, Alaska theater arts location
    Noorvik has a huge selection of great local theatre offerings within reach. Taking in the theatre is a great way to escape the confines of what's available on Netflix and the best part is it's always in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like As You Like It: As You Like It is the quintessential pastoral comedy, love, politics and cross-dressing intertwine to create a twisty, entertaining and funny tale as only Shakespeare can deliver. Or find local performances of feel good musicals such as Yankee Doodle Dandy. Check out the Noorvik, Alaska theatre and performing arts directory for details. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.
    Noorvik, Alaska chinese mexican italian food
    Tired of Lean Cuisines? No worries, Noorvik Has lots of killer places to get your tastebuds to far away places. is a total boss mow or hit up for more detailed eats or to find the best spaghetti and meatballs close to Noorvik look into the Noorvik, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got awesome Thai or grindable burritos show some love and write them a tasty review.
    Noorvik, Alaska zoos
    Plan a day at the zoo and everyone is sure to have a wonderful learning opportunity, with all the walking from exhibit to exhibit you'll find it's a great way to take in some exercise as well. Between running around searching for the Mole enclosure and the Hedgehog attractions find a moment for a family photo op with the zoo's bizarre and interesting animal guests. When you're looking for some fun on the wild side in Noorvik look into the happenings , or for more fabulous zoos and gardens clicky click on the Noorvik, Alaska zoo and botanical gardens directory. - Your Fun Life, Anywhere

    About Noorvik

    Noorvik is a primarily Inupiat city in the Northwest Arctic Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. As of the 2000 census, the population of the city was 634. Located in the NANA Region Corp, Noorvik has close ties with the largest city in the region, Kotzebue. Residents speak a dialect of Inupiaq known as Noorvik Inupiaq. Noorvik was the first town to be counted in the 2010 census. - Your Fun Life, Anywhere

    Noorvik, Alaska History

    "Noorvik" means "a place that is moved to" in Inupiaq. The village was established by Kowagmuit Inupiat fishermen and hunters from Deering in the early 1900s. Other settlers came from Oksik, a few miles upriver. - Your Fun Life, Anywhere

    Noorvik, Alaska Geography

    Noorvik is located at (66.837130, -161.036641).Noorvik is located on the right bank of the Nazuruk Channel of the Kobuk River, 76 km (47 miles) east of Kotzebue.According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1.3 square miles (3.5 km²), of which, 1.0 square miles (2.5 km²) of it is land and 0.4 square miles (1.0 km²) of it (28.36%) is water.