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Fun Stuff to Do In Hayward, California

Wanna find cool stuff to do on the cheap in Hayward? Here's some ideas about how to experience the local vibe. You haven't been to the zoo in ages right? So time to get back, and with all the walking it's a great way to get some exercise. When you're in town get to San Ramon Veteran Civilian Conservation or try Oakland Zoo. Bluntly your prized dogs playing poker painting is not art. So why not go a little upscale and see what's up at The Oakland Museum. Many museums have special exhibits and activities for kids and offer reduced rates during certain times, so maybe stop at Camron-Stanford House Museum, or Amador-Livermore Valley Museum.

Up the ante with a little excitement. Hayward has a unique assortment of local state parks and recreational opportunities for families. Grab the Frisbee and head over to DeAnza Park or maybe stop by South Branch San Leandro Community Libra and pick up a copy of Breathe by Sarah Crossan, or some more casual reads and enjoy a great book and the scenery at Carlos Bee Park. When you are in Hayward reviewers recommend experiencing natural beauty and grounds at Centennial Park. Going bowling is a great way to legitimize drinking and eating junk food. Tell everyone to get out and tear up the lanes and enjoy yourself at Grand Lanes. Or maybe get your BOWL ON at Holiday Bowl.

Need to re-energize after all this Need to feed ? Go for late nite munchies and satisfy your cravings for something with too many calories at LA Mexicana Inc, or drop into LA Patisserie Francaise for immediate gratification. Buen provecho! OK it's time to decompress now. Want to find a place to chill while indulging in a couple of adult beverages, or find a fun place to get pleasantly boiled during your time in Hayward. Enjoy something satisfying perhaps a Butterscotch Martini, or possibly a Pink Puppy. While in Hayward check in on the folks at Fernandes Stein Lounge, B Street Bar & Grill, or Uncle Roy's. This itinerary sucks, it's all good just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Hayward, California Citywide amusement games

A panoply of things for the kid in us can be located near Hayward, California. If you want mini golf or just want to get outside the possibilities are limitless. Get up off the couch and have fun getting there! When you're in Hayward stop by Oakland Zoo or roll over to Pleasanton for some good times.

Golden Tee Golfland
(510) 537-4073
2533 Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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Pleasanton - Pleasanton
Pleasanton, CA 94588

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Alameda County Fair
Alameda County Fair - Pleasanton
Pleasanton, CA 94588

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California art gallery experience

Locate galleries and a bunch of local art offerings within reach of Hayward. Whether you are looking for a new medium or just want to take in the surroundings at the area's galleries, you'll find a mixture of great artsy places in Hayward. Try Art For California or see something artful at Art Supply Store Custom Framing.

Art For California
(510) 783-1665
768 West Sunset Boulevard#5
Hayward, CA 94541

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Awi-Art World International
(510) 471-1738
1256 San Luis Obispo Street
Hayward, CA 94544

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Art Gallery of Michael Grow
(510) 357-7380
190 Pelton Center Way
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Accents & Artech
(510) 895-6300
14660 Doolittle Drive
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California Citywide bar bartender

Tons of places to hang and have some lager's or find the best place to get completely galvanized right here in Hayward. Taste something delicious perhaps a Bittersweet, Summer Breeze or possibly a Disaronno and Coke. While in Hayward cruise by Fernandes Stein Lounge, B Street Bar & Grill or Uncle Roy's. For more varied options review the Hayward, California bar directory. Tweet your favorite haunts in the city's bar listings.


Hayward, California bowling pins game

Tell everyone to get out and kill some pins while enjoying yourself at Grand Lanes. Bowling is a fun social setting for everyone and we've got all the best places in Hayward, just a mouse click away. Cruise by Holiday Bowl. Or to find other bowling options in the area click the Hayward, California bowling directory. Know a place that's a complete seven ten split support our community and add it to our directory.

Grand Lanes
(510) 538-4111
22890 Grand St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Clarice's Professional Lanes
(510) 537-7060
22161 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541

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Castro Valley Bowling
(510) 538-8100
3501 Village Dr
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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Holiday Bowl
(510) 538-0300
29827 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94544

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California ice cream locate frozen yogurt listing

Everyone loves ice cream. Like to try some gourmet ice cream? We have a zillion ways for you to find your ice cream zen in Hayward. Looking for the sweetest Crazy Charlie Sundae Swirl (Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate swirl) or simply some decadent strawberry we've got your hookup If you're in Hayward drop by Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream & Yogurt or make an appearance at Loard's Ice Cream & Candies. Know of a place with gourmet ice cream sundaes or the most tubular jamocha almond fudge? Tell us about it here or add it to our listings.


Hayward, California coffee shop drink

It's not cool to get your coffee at Circle K and coffee is all about cool these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Finding the best place always makes it a better experience. Hayward has lots of choices for you to get your coffee buzz on. Try some new specialty flavors like Reindeer Rum Flavored Coffee or Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Flavored Coffee. Be sure to check out when you're in Hayward. Know of a place that serves the best Espressino? Write a review of your favorite place.


Hayward, California find diner dive

Restaurant choices abound in Hayward from Dim Sum to four star dining there are diverse options to satisfy your tastebuds. Peruse the Hayward, California restaurant listings and find some great places to consume mass quantities. While you're in town take your friends over to Hambrick's Giant Burgers or drop by some of the other great local places like Abacus Chinese Restaurant or Acatlan Ice Cream.

Hambrick's Giant Burgers
(510) 537-7520
24134 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94544

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Irth Cafe
(510) 538-4784
855 B St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Acapulco Taqueria
(510) 782-8700
310 W A St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Abacus Chinese Restaurant
(510) 732-5588
20500 Hesperian Blvd # B
Hayward, CA 94541

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California fairground locate

The local fairgrounds always have amazing stuff to do. If you want to plan something for the family the fairgrounds always have great fun stuff for all. Even when the fair is not in town there are pleasant things to do. From midway attractions to swap meets and auto shows the local fairgrounds near Hayward are cool for finding family stuff to do. Now you know what to do get up and check out whats going on this week at Solano County Fairgrounds.


Hayward, California fast food meal

Need to feed? We've got you covered from early morning to after hours grindage satisfy your cravings for something good in Hayward. Feeling hungry how about a good old Sonic Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Sonic Blast or perchance a nice Hardee's Big Country Breakfast Platter with Breaded Pork Chop? Find the best local fast food options surrounding Hayward here in the Citywide Information fast food directory. Reviewers recommend you get to LA Mexicana Inc or consume mass quantities at LA Patisserie Francaise. Buen provecho!


Hayward, California Citywide golf swing

Why is golf more pleasureable than baseball or football? For starters golfers don't kick dirt on other people. Now that's settled so dust off your putters throw your clubs in the car and check out the amazing municipal courses and driving ranges easily accessible to Hayward. Marina Course at Monarch Bay Golf Club has some difficult bunkers that are complemented by beautiful grounds. Or visit the pro shop at Skywest Golf Course, check out the cool gear from Ping or impress your buddies with the new Adams Speedline 9032LS Tour Driver then cruise the cart over to the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total hole in one? Write a review in our listings.

Skywest Golf Course
(510) 278-6188
1401 Golf Course Rd
Hayward, CA 94541

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Mission Hill of Hayward
(510) 888-0200
2751 Industrial Pkwy
Hayward, CA 94544

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Willow Park Golf Course
(510) 537-8989
17007 Redwood Rd
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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Marina Course at Monarch Bay Golf Club
(510) 895-2162
13800 Monarch Bay Dr
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California Citywide historical places buildings

When you're in Hayward we recommend you get to Torres, Antonio, House, Portillo, Mauricio, House, or San Lorenzo Historic District. Hayward has a fantastic selection of historical markers and structures for teachers and students to enjoy. Look into the Hayward, California historical places directory to find more great historical places nearby Hayward. Or browse the California historical places listings for statewide information on all of the historical stuff to do when you're in California.


Hayward, California public library locate

Why do I wanna go to the library? You can bring back other items for free: It's not just books you can access for free. Many libraries offer a great selection of DVDs, CDs, magazines, audio books, and more. revisiting the classics such as Little Lord Fauntleroy to exciting and relatively new works such as Miserere: An Autumn Tale by Teresa Frohock . It's all at the library for free! Whether you're interested in G.K. Chesterton or Edward P. Jones, the Hayward, California library directory has lots of great libraries. Whatever your interests are you'll find a great selection of genres that include Science, Sports, Art, and Manga. confidently talking to women while citing the works of Bill Morgan at the dinner table.


Hayward, California museum find

Hayward offers a bunch of awesome museums and galleries to students and teachers who are interested in the arts. Plan a trip to The Oakland Museum or make time to visit Camron-Stanford House Museum. Going to the museum will make your wife's friends jealous cause none of her friends husbands are classy enough to take them. Need another reason? Cool mummies Still not convinced? How about stunning works from the Dutch Masters? Still uncertain if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Let's be real here your Star Wars poster is not art so go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at Amador-Livermore Valley Museum.


Hayward, California night life listing

There's not much up tonight so maybe let's chill on the dancefloor at the hottest clubs in the sweet, sweet city of Hayward. Your friends will stare in amusement while you drink your third Lemonade, Lime and Bitters and bust your mac daddy Liquiding skills at B Street Bar & Grill. If security escorts you outside then head to Club Rumor or make the scene at Sherry's Cocktail Lounge Be sure to tip your waiters and waitresses and stop for some Rolaids before you hit up LA Patisserie Francaise for your post party munch. Know a cool nighclub or after hours place that's off the chain? Tell the party people and add it to theThe Hayward, California nightlife directory.

Sherry's Cocktail Lounge
24061 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94544

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Uncle Roy's
22648 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541

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B Street Bar & Grill
846 B St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Turf Club
22519 Main St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California park bench

Hayward has a dozen or more interesting local city parks and great recreational areas for those who love the outdoors. Take some wine, a blanket, and someone special and check out DeAnza Park or maybe stop by South Branch San Leandro Community Libra and check out a copy of The Diary by Eileen Goudge, or another good book and get some peace and quiet at Carlos Bee Park. When you are in Hayward locals advise experiencing natural beauty and grounds at Centennial Park.


Hayward, California shopping mall locate

It's Friday and you need some "YOU" time you don't need a reason, we get it. Shopping is always the right decision! Whether you're looking for decidedly tested designers like Vivienne Westwood or want to tell your girlfriends about the cool designer Anupama Dayal item you got shopping this weekend. Hayward is near to lots of great places to satisfy your shopping needs look into The Hayward, California shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium offerings from Aartivijay Gupta And Parul Chopra, Blame, Ep-anoui, and Hakaan Yildirim. When you're in Hayward check out Macy's, or roll to Target or load up on all the sale stuff.

Big Lots
(510) 276-7421
20800 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541

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(510) 471-9166
2499 Whipple Rd
Hayward, CA 94544

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(510) 582-3884
26231 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94544

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Big Lots
(510) 784-0701
1163 W Tennyson Rd
Hayward, CA 94544

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California spas salons

Why is a better to be a girl than a guy, well it's just way cooler I mean you never have to fix the sprinklers, you don't have to "try" to meet members of the opposite sex, they gravitate toward you, and you never have to paint the house of other rotten stuff that men have to do. But all this comes with some tricky considerations, you gotta look good it's scandalous out there whether you gotta get waxing treatments, fitness instruction, contemporary hair designs, or you just wanna get your nails done in a really trampy shade of red. If you don't want your girlfriend to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. No worries. We've got the connections you have to have to be beautiful in Hayward. Check out all the options in the Hayward, California Spas and Salons Listings.

Suntans To Go
(510) 537-2724
22785 Foothill Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541

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Powerfit Yoga
(510) 538-8788
22744 Main St
Hayward, CA 94541

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All About Hair
(510) 581-2550
22694 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541

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Dream Girls Hair Salon
(510) 538-3283
917 C St
Hayward, CA 94541

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California theatres performing arts

Hayward has a veritable cornucopia of avant garde theatre offerings that are closely accessible. Taking in the theatre is a fantastic first date and the best part is you don't have to wear 3D glasses. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Check into local productions of the classics like A Midsummer Night's Dream: Love's myriad absurdities receive a thorough, occasionally bawdy, dissection in Shakespeare's beloved comedy. Or find local interpretations of great musicals like All That Jazz. Check out the Hayward, California theatre and performing arts directory for details. We recommend you check out Altarena Playhouse or Pleasanton Playhouse when you're in town.

Bay Area Productions
182 Sequoyah View Dr
Oakland, CA 94605

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Aspire Dance
6620 Dublin Blvd
Dublin, CA 94568

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Dance Fusion
2217 San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon, CA 94583

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Altarena Playhouse
1409 High St
Alameda, CA 94501

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Hayward, California
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Hayward, California mexican restaurant listing

Tired of Lean Cuisines? No probs, Hayward has an abundance of yummy places to get your tastebuds to far away places. Liberty Pizza is a total boss mow or head to LA Victoria's Mexican Cocina & Cocktails for all the details or to find the tastiest Dim Sum surrounding Hayward check out the Hayward, California world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got gnarly Won Tons or tubular italian subs help a brotha out and write them a nice review.


Hayward, California Citywide zoo alligator

Plan a day at the zoo and everyone is assured a wonderful day of fun, and with all the walking it's a healthy way to get some exercise. Between running around searching for the Mole exhibit and the Kinkajou attractions find a moment for a family picture with the zoo's many animal friends. When you're searching for some wild fun in Hayward take in the schedule San Ramon Veteran Civilian Conservation , or for all the options clicky click on the Hayward, California zoo and gardens directory.

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About Hayward

Hayward (; formerly, Haywards, Haywards Station, and Haywood) is a city located in the East Bay in Alameda County, California. Hayward is the sixth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the third largest in Alameda County, and is located on the Bay's eastern shore, primarily between Castro Valley and Union City, at the eastern terminus of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. Hayward was ranked as the 33rd most populous municipality in California. The former city of Mount Eden, and the former unincorporated communities of Russell City and Schafer Park, have been incorporated into Hayward.
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Hayward, California History

Human habitation of the greater East Bay, including Hayward, dates from 4000 B.C.E.. The most recent pre-European inhabitants of the Hayward area were the Native American Ohlone people.In the 19th century, the land that is now Hayward became part of Rancho San Lorenzo, a Spanish land grant to Guillermo Castro in 1740. The site of his home was on Castro Street (now Mission Boulevard) between C and D Streets, but the structure was severely damaged in the 1868 earthquake on the Hayward Fault that runs directly under that location. In 1930 that site was chosen for the construction of the City Hall which served the City until 1969. The surrounding area is still the center of …Read More
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Hayward, California Geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 163.3 km² (63.0 mi²). 114.8 km² (44.3 mi²) of it is land and 48.5 km² (18.7 mi²) of it (29.68%) is water. The Hayward Fault Zone runs through much of Hayward, including the downtown area. The United States Geologic Survey has stated that there is an "increasing likelihood" of a major earthquake on this fault zone, with potentially serious resulting damage. Hayward has a Mediterranean climate, and contains microclimates, both of which are features of the greater Bay Area. San Lorenzo Creek runs through the city. Hayward borders on a large number of municipalities and communities. The cities …Read More

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Living in Hayward, California

Hayward, California Convention and Banquet Centers:

Eden United Church of Christ Congregatio - Hayward Masonic Hall Association - I D E S Hall-No 14 - Rue de Main - Eagles Hayward Lodge - BJM Hall - Centennial Hall Conference Center - Steve Rubiolo Photography - Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios - Alyn's Rancho Hall - Almas Creations - Alameda County Offices - Veterans' Memor - Carrows Restaurants - Hill & Valley Club House Inc - St Joseph's Center - Willow Park Chapel & Banquet Facilities - Agape Resurrection Community Center - Dino's Restaurant - Castro Valley Womens Club - Hayward Castro Valley Moose Lodge - Fong's Dang How Restaurant - Banquets Holiday House - Club MX - A Ramblin Rose Travel - Mission Paradise Banquet Hall - New Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant - Tomodachi Sushi Bistro - GES Exposition Services - Sho-Aids Inc - Kriedt Convention Service - Santa Fe Special Events & Catering - San Lorenzo Village Community Hall - Tito's - Ashland Community Center Park - East Village Seafood Restaurant - Elios Family Restaurant - Ricky's Sports Grill - Crow Canyon Park & Hall - Econo Lodge - Castro Valley Masonic Center -

Hayward, California Hospital and Clinics:

Levine Hospital - Eden Medical Center - Laurel Grove Hospital - Saint Rose Hospital - Kaiser Foundation Hospital Hayward - Alameda County Medical Center Fairmont C - John George Psychiatric Pavilion -

Hayward, California Postal Services:

Post Office-Bradford - Post Office-Castro Valley - Ups Store - Post Office-Hayward - Post Office-Contract Station #5 - Post Office-San Lorenzo - Post Office-Mount Eden - Post Office-South San Leandro -

Hayward, California Schools, Colleges and Learning Facilities:

Bret Harte Middle School - All Saints Catholic School - Bay Area Bible Institute - Hillcrest School - Hayward High School - Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Scienc - Markham Elementary School - Victory Academy - Burbank Elementary School - Hayward Christian School - Winton Middle School - John Muir Elementary School - Kimball School - Camelot School - Hayward Adult School - Brenkwitz High School - Cherryland Elementary School - Baywood School - Sequoia School - Park Elementary School - His Growing Grove - Harder Elementary School - Strobridge Elementary School - Laurel School - Liber Academy of Hayward - Northstar School - East Avenue Elementary School - Montessori Childrens House of Hayward - California State University - East Bay - Norbridge School - Winton Grove School - Longwood Elementary School - Fairview Elementary School - Bayside Seventh Day Adventist Christian - The Sunshine School - Sorensen School - Redwood Christian School - Crossroads El - Schafer Park Elementary School - Stivers Academy - Royal Sunset High School - East Bay Arts High School - Glassbrook Elementary School - Landmark Baptist School - Saint Joachim Elementary School - New Life Academy - Cornerstone Christian Academy - Tennyson High School - Woodroe Woods School - Castro Valley Elementary School - Bowman Elementary School - Moreau Catholic High School - Tyrrell Elementary School - Saint Bede Catholic School - Lorenzo Manor Elementary School - Camelot School - Our Lady of Grace School - Saint Clements Elementary School - Marshall Elementary School - Colonial Acres Elementary School - Southgate Elementary School - Eldridge Elementary School - Chabot College - Stanton Elementary School - Gansberger School - Creekside Middle School - Saint John School - Castro Valley Adult School - Castro Valley High School - Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Middle Scho - Cesar Chavez Middle School - Ashland School - Montessori School of San Leandro - Bohannon Middle School - Leas Christian School - A B Morris Junior High School (historica - Anthony W Ochoa Middle School - Calvary Lutheran School - San Lorenzo Adult School - Mohrland School - Redwood Christian School - Redwood Eleme - San Lorenzo High School - Eden Gardens Elementary School - Independent Elementary School - Redwood Primary School - Tennyson School - Chabot Elementary School - Redwood Christian School Concept Help - Village School - Edendale Middle School - Castro Valley Adult School - Palma Ceia Elementary School - Heald College - Hayward - Lighthouse Christian Academy - Sydney School - Vannoy Elementary School - Ruus Elementary School - Hesperian Elementary School - Life Chiropractic College West - Russell School - Canyon Middle School - International Bible Baptist Academy - Hillside Elementary School - Martin School - Mount Eden High School - Redwood Christian School Junior and Seni - Leadership Public Schools Hayward - Del Rey Elementary School - Grant Elementary School - Redwood Continuation High School and Alt - Hayward Unified School District Student - Eureka School - Community Christian School - Shining Light Christian Academy - Lorin A Eden Elementary School - Seneca Center School - Special Education - Western Career College - San Leandro Cam - Arroyo High School - Proctor Elementary School - Valle Vista School - Parsons School - Palomares Elementary School - Chinese Christian Schools - San Leandro - Burbank Preschool - Stonebrae Elementary School - Bay Elementary School - Halcyon School - Argonne School - Fairmont School - Montessori School of San Leandro - Washi - KIPP King Collegiate Charter High School - Liberty School - KIPP Summitt Academy Charter Middle Scho - Treeview Elementary School - Washington Manor Middle School -
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Hayward, California Supermarkets and Grocery stores:

Aa's Market - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- - Al's Food Market - Ace Com - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Castro Valley- No - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- - Afghan Market - 99 Ranch Market - 97 Cent Store & Up - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Hayward- No 18825 - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Hayward- No 14186 - 7-Eleven - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Hayward- No 18177 - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Hayward- No 14175 - Arteaga's Starlite Supermarket - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- - 7-Eleven - A R Trading - 7-Eleven Food Stores - Hayward- No 14182 - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- - A R Trading - 99 Cent Store - Albertsons Supermarkets - Food Centers- -