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The zoo is a family friendly way to get out and learn about the earth and our surroundings, with all the walking from exhibit to exhibit it's a great way to get some exercise. Check out or try . Bluntly your 3rd grade macaroni poster is not art. So why not go a little upscale and see what's up at . Going to the museum is a great opportunity to experience priceless works of art for very little money, so you might want to plan a trip to , or .

Try something more exciting. Numerous kid friendly attractions are withing reasonable distance of Chevak. If you like attractions or want to plan an outing, the options are huge. You know what to do now so go and check out some fun stuff to do. is not too hard to get to, you can also look into or while you're in town. is easily within reach and always has a consistent roster of fun events. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually lots of super fun things to do. From rides and attractions to collectible events and festivals the local fairgrounds near Chevak are a great place to find stuff to do on the weekend. Get your face out of the chicken bucket and find out what's going in the Chevak Fair and Events Directory.

Need to re-energize after all this With constantly evolving new flavors going for ice cream is always a blast. Like to find something cool and tasty? There's thousands of ways to get a brain freeze in town. You can find your ice cream fix at , or try for the totally awsimo vanilla or some gourmet frozen yogurt. OK let's decompress a little now. Like to find a place to chillax while enjoying some shots, or maybe just get undeniably sh*t faced during your time in Chevak. Enjoy something tasty maybe a Grapefruit Mojito, or perhaps a Sparkling Hunt Punch. While in Chevak check in on the folks at , , or . Wanna try a different itinerary, no problemo just reload the page to get a whole new plan. Or click new itinerary


Chevak, Alaska water parks in the us

A veritable cornucopia of things for the kid in us are accessible to Chevak, Alaska. Find karting or would like something more extreme the options are endless. Get in the car and get the fam out to have some fun. When you're in Chevak get to or take everyone out to for some insane fun.


Chevak, Alaska art gallery finder

Find photography studios and a variety of local art offerings near Chevak. Whether you are looking for ink wash paintings or just want to enjoy the scene at some area galleries, you'll find a mixture of pleasant artsy diversions in Chevak. Try or look into artsy stuff at .


Chevak, Alaska bars

Tons of places to hang while enjoying too many adult beverages or embarrass yourself and get unabashedly blathered in the city of Chevak. Sample something tasty maybe a B B C, Road Runner or maybe a B. While in Chevak try out , or . For more options check out the Chevak, Alaska bar directory. Add your favorite haunts in the city's bar listings.


Chevak, Alaska find bowling lane

Get out and kill some pins while enjoying some brews at . Bowling is a great way to legitimize drinking and eating junk food and we've run down all the best places in Chevak, just a mouse click away. Go to . Or for more bowling alleys in the area visit the Chevak, Alaska bowling directory. Know a place that's a real seven ten split support our community and include it in our listings.


Chevak, Alaska ice cream online frozen yogurt locate

Going out for ice cream is great fun. Like to try some gourmet ice cream? We have thousands of ways for you to get your ice cream jonez in Chevak. Locate the ultimate Cookie Dough Flavored Ice Cream with Cookie Dough and Chocolate Chips or some decadent vanilla we've got you taken care of. When your in Chevak go to or cruise into . Have a favorite place with gourmet banana splits or the most tubular chilly diversions? Tell us about it here or add it to our directory.


Chevak, Alaska coffee bean directory

Don't get your coffee at the gas station. It's not cool, and coffee is sorta cool these days. Gourmet flavors and choices continue to evolve. Hooking up with the right barista ensures a quality experience. Chevak has a veritable cornucopia of great places to get caffeinated. Discover new flavors like Almond the Mood For Love Flavored Coffee or Danish Pastry Flavored Coffee. Try out when you're in Chevak. Know of a place with a perfect Zebra Mocha? Write a review of your favorite place.


Chevak, Alaska diner dive online

Many restaurant choices abound in Chevak from Mexican to four star dining there are diverse choices to indulge your culinary cravings. Explore the Chevak, Alaska restaurant listings and find some great places to relax and enjoy a great meal. While you're in town be sure to check out Family Restaurant or try out some of the other great local places like Arctic Sun Cafe or Alice's Kitchen.

Hillside Grill
(907) 858-7197
325 Willow St
Chevak, AK 99563

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Tisha's Snack Shack
(907) 558-5500
Kusilvak Census Area

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Family Restaurant
(907) 949-1449
Delta St # 8
Emmonak, AK 99581

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Alice's Kitchen
(907) 543-2272
473 Ridgecrest Dr
Bethel, AK 99559

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Chevak, Alaska
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Chevak, Alaska fairground games

Who doesn't like going to the fair? If you're looking for something to do for the family the fairgrounds always have great fun stuff for all. Even when the fair is not in town there are usually tons of economical family things to do. From livestock auctions to agricultural events and livestock exhibitions the local fairgrounds near Chevak are cool for finding a nice way to get out of the house. Get off the couch and check out whats going on at .


Chevak, Alaska fast food find

Need an energy boost that can only be provided by readily accessible yet highly processed food? We've got you covered from breakfast to late night gluttony satisfy your cravings for some killer grinds in Chevak. Are you hungry now how about a good old Carl's Jr. Vanilla Shake or maybe a satisfying Burger King DOUBLE WHOPPER Sandwich? Find all the local fast food options nearby Chevak here in the Citywide Information fast food listings. When you're in town check out or drop by . Buon appetito!


Chevak, Alaska golf course listing

Why is golf more enjoyable than baseball or football? Maybe because golfers don't spit and scratch their privates on national television. Now that's settled so get out your putters get your clubs in the car and check out the enjoyable public courses and driving ranges easily accessible to Chevak. has some stimulating water hazards complimented by beautiful surroundings. Or drop by the pro shop at , check out the cool gear from Taylormade or shave some points off your game with the new Srixon Hybrid Better-Player Hybrids when your done bounce to the 19th hole Know of a place that's a total birdie? Write a review in our listings.


Chevak, Alaska Citywide historic listings

When visiting Chevak make time to get to , , or . Chevak has some really fascinating historical markers and structures for history buffs to enjoy. Look into the Chevak, Alaska historical places directory to find more great historical places within minutes of Chevak. Or browse the Alaska historical places directory for ideas and detailed information on all of the historical stuff to do when you're in Alaska.


Chevak, Alaska Citywide library read

Why do I wanna go to the library? Like-minded people: It's a comfort to be around like-minded bookworms, and you might be more motivated just from looking at people hard at work. It's also a nice way to feel like you're part of the neighborhood. revisiting the great classics like Little Women to superb new works like The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It's all at the library for free! Whether your looking for Alexandre Dumas or Louise Erdrich, the Chevak, Alaska library directory has a multitude of great libraries and reading rooms. Whatever your interests are you'll discover a vast selection of genres including Chick, Poetry, Spirituality, and Classics. impressing the ladies with your new found intellect while citing the great works of Jane Hirshfield at trendy parties.


Chevak, Alaska museum sculpture

Chevak offers a bunch of awesome museums and galleries to families and children interested in the arts. Take in the exquisite works at or plan a trip to . Going to the museum is a great way to kill an afternoon. Need another reason? Museums inspire Still need more? How about beautiful sculptures? Still don't know if you should go to the museum, here's another reason. Don't take this the wrong way but your 3rd grade macaroni poster is not art so go and see the real stuff at .


Chevak, Alaska night spot locate

Another night with your X Box and the bros is gonna be a sausage fest so why not grind on the dancefloor at the A-List clubs nearby Chevak. Watch the bartender as he regards you in amazement as you purchase your Gimlet and impress the crowd with your crazy Turfing skills at . If the bouncer asks you to leave bounce to or downshift to cruise mode at Make sure to delete all incriminating cell phone pictures and go to to re-energize for tomorrow night. Know a cool nightplace that's insanely fun? Add it to theThe Chevak, Alaska nightlife directory.


Chevak, Alaska park location

Chevak has a fantastic selection of local county parks and great places to be outside for families. Pick up some picnic items and visit Sevak Camp or maybe stop by and pick up a copy of Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, or something fun to read and enjoy a great book under the trees at Hazen Bay National Wildlife Refuge. When you are in Chevak reviewers always suggest experiencing beautiful scenery at Sfaganuk (historical).


Chevak, Alaska shopping mall online

You have an interview next week and you gotta spoil yourself a little you don't need a reason, we understand. Everyday should be a shopping day! Whether you're looking for daring designers like Anna Sui or want to tell everyone about the exclusive designer Max Tan stuff you got shopping this weekend. Chevak is close to tons of places to get your shop on look into The Chevak, Alaska shopping directory to find shopping malls with premium shops and merchandise from Aativijay Gupta, Unrath & Strano, Cynthia Rowley, and Steffie Christiaens. When you're in Chevak find something nice at , or get to for something more casual find great sale stuff.


Chevak, Alaska spa salon location

Why is a better to be a girl than a guy, well it's just way cooler C'mon you can feel guiltless over a clothing allowance, you don't have to worry about what your friends think your boyfriend looks like â?? they will judge him on personality, not looks, and men open doors for you. Oh it's great to be a girl but, don't trip you gotta look good whether you need reinvigorating facial treatments, calming massage treatments, a cutting edge new haircut, or you just wanna fall asleep in the chair at the nail shop. If you don't want your man to trip you have gotta keep yourself up. It's all good. We've got all the salon and beauty hook up's you need to stay ahead of the game and be beautiful in Chevak. Check out all the options in the Chevak, Alaska Salon Services Directory.


Chevak, Alaska thearter arts find

Chevak has a vibrant assortment of great local theatre offerings nearby. Taking in the theatre is a great way to spend the evening and the best part is its already in 3D. C'mon get some culture it won't kill you. Find local productions of the classics like Cyclops by Euripides: This sterling Greek comedy is the only known example of a completed satyr play and depicts the familiar story of Odysseus and his encounter with a monstrous Cyclops. Or find local interpretations of feel good musicals like Guys and Dolls. Check out the Chevak, Alaska theatre and performing arts directory to find all the theatre options. We recommend you check out or when you're in town.


Chevak, Alaska italian restaurant directory

Tired of those little frozen chicken pot pies? No probs, Chevak Has lots of gnarly places to get your world flavors groove on. is always a tasty possibility or hit up for more detailed eats or to find the tastiest meatball sub within Chevak check out the Chevak, Alaska world flavors directory. Know of a place that's got gnarly Thai or grindable teriyaki shrimp support them and write them a tasty review.


Chevak, Alaska flamingo zoo directory

The zoo is a fantastic way to get out and learn about the earth and our place in it, and with all the steps you'll get walking around it's a great way for everyone to get some exercise. Between running around searching for the Chinchilla enclosure and the Porcupine attractions find a moment for a family picture with the zoo's many animal guests. When you're looking for something a little on the wild side in Chevak take in the grounds , or for other wild times check out the Chevak, Alaska zoo directory.

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About Chevak

Chevak ("Cevʼaq ", which means "cut-through channel" in Cup’ik) is a city in Wade Hampton Census Area, Alaska, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 765. There is a tri-language system in Chevak; English, Cup’ik, and a mixture of the two languages. The people in Chevak speak a dialect of Central Yup'ik, Cup'ik (pr. Chew-pick), and identify themselves as Cup'ik people rather than Yup'ik. This unique identity has allowed them to form a singe-site school district, the Kashunamiut School District, rather than joining a neighboring Yup'ik school district. The Cup'ik dialect is distinguished from Yup'ik by the change of "y" sounds …Read More
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Chevak, Alaska Geography

Chevak is located at (61.527673, -165.578702).According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1.2 square miles (3.0 km²), of which, 1.1 square miles (3.0 km²) of it is land and 0.04 square miles (0.1 km²) of it (1.71%) is water.
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